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At TFP Oxford Fertility, we’re renowned for our expertise, personalised care and one of the widest ranges of fertility treatments in the UK. Every fertility journey is unique and we’re passionate about helping everyone to have the very best experience.

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A leading fertility and IVF clinic in Oxford

TFP Oxford Fertility has been one of the UK’s top fertility clinics for over 30 years, and we were one of the founding TFP clinics.

We’re a large and established private fertility clinic in Oxford supported by four satellite clinics in Cheltenham, Swindon, Worcester, and Milton Keynes.

This enables us to welcome patients from a broad geographical area, and if any of our satellite locations are closer to you, you’ll be able to arrange to have some elements of your treatment there, such as tests and scans.

Our close working relationship with the University of Oxford allows us to participate in ground-breaking fertility research as they train the embryologists of the future.

Want to know more?

Fertility Information Events

We run regular free information events, both in the clinics and online. You can find out more about fertility treatments and have your questions answered by our specialists. You will meet members of our specialist teams and get to know the clinic to see for yourself why TFP Fertility is so special.

Smiling mother holding a baby with an older child next to her

Treatments at TFP Oxford Fertility

We treat NHS and private patients, and provide a full range of fertility treatments, from conventional IVF and fertility preservation, to egg and sperm donor and surrogacy options.

We’re able to offer short wait times and can support a wide range of patient and family needs with experience and sensitivity.

Success rates

The HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) oversee and regulate fertility treatment in the UK and publish success data from all clinics on their website.

These figures show the most up-to-date data for the average success rates at TFP Oxford Fertility, as independently approved by the HFEA.  

Pregnancies (January-December 2019)

Pregnancy rate for fresh IVF and ICSI treatment using own eggs

Per embryo transferred

Age (years)

National average

TFP Oxford Fertility

success rate

Raw data





















Source: HFEA.gov.uk

Live births (January-December 2018)

Birth rate for fresh IVF and ICSI treatment using own eggs

Per embryo transferred

Age (years)

National average

TFP Oxford Fertility

success rate

Raw data





















Source: HFEA.gov.uk

As the HFEA hasn’t verified more recent data than 2019 for any UK fertility clinics, you won’t find that on their website. However, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to share our more recent success data with you.

Treatment tailored to you

We offer treatment for anyone needing a helping hand, for example if:

  • You’re a couple unable to conceive because of fertility problems

  • You’ve already had fertility treatment

  • You’re a same-sex couple

  • You’re single and using donor eggs or sperm

  • Fertility preservation

  • Surrogacy

Undergoing fertility treatment is a life-changing decision. Along with the excitement and hope, comes stress and emotion. We’ll support you every step of the way and we include specialist fertility counselling as part of every treatment package.

You’ll also have the opportunity to book additional therapies and services to help you physically and emotionally. These include reflexology and acupuncture, and online fertility yoga classes.


Get in touch with us today

If you’d like to discuss a fertility assessment or treatment options, or book an appointment at our TFP Oxford Fertility clinic, please get in touch.


At TFP Fertility, we’re clear about our pricing so you fully understand the cost of your treatment at every step.

Everyone gets their own treatment plan that’s exactly tailored to them, so you can be confident of the treatment cost before you start.

After we’ve completed an initial consultation and fertility assessment, payable separately, you’ll be given your personalised treatment plan and cost.

All the tests and treatments we recommend you’ll need to have the best chance of success will be included within that single price.

The only separate cost will be for your medication, which will be based on your previous medical history and blood test results.

You’ll be able to discuss your personalised treatment plan and cost with our experts before making a decision.

We also have a partnership with Access Fertility, who offer a number of different payment options. 

One-to-one fertility consultation

Our comprehensive fertility assessment package is a great first step if you’re having difficulties conceiving naturally.

It’s also helpful if you’re considering delaying starting a family and looking to understand your options for peace of mind.

The package includes a series of fertility tests, such as an ultrasound scan, AMH blood test, and semen analysis.

We’ll then talk you through the results of your tests and advise you on the possible next steps.

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Meet your expert team

Many of our friendly and experienced team of doctors, nurses, embryologists, and patient support staff have been with us since we first opened our doors, and we’re proud to have some of Oxford’s top fertility consultants on the TFP Oxford Fertility team.

Two babies and a toddler

Kristie and Oli

“This has all been such a great experience – our family is complete. All the eggs worked! I just can’t believe it. I think my problem was that I couldn’t get pregnant but, once science helped me with that, my body did really well.”

Where to find us

TFP Oxford Fertility is located 25 minutes off junction 8A of the M40. We’re also ideally located close to train and bus services. We offer plenty of free parking and our clinic is spacious, calm, and welcoming. 

TFP Oxford Fertility

+44 (0)1865 224819

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am–5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Open in the morning for confirmed embryo transfer appointments

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