Meet our team

There are many people involved in your care and treatment and your team is made up of highly trained and qualified IVF and fertility specialists. Here are the profiles of some people you might meet.

Tim Child~

Professor Tim Child

Medical director & HFEA person responsible

Muhammad Fatum

Dr Muhammad Fatum

Deputy medical director

Dr. Dorcus Muchiri TFP Fertility

Dr Dorcus Muchiri

Fertility specialist

Ed Coats

Mr Edward Coats


Lara Hodges

Dr Lara Hodges

Fertility specialist

Anna Vincent

Anna Vincent

Laboratory manager and clinical embryologist

Nikki Turner

Nikki Turner

Nurse manager

Anne Francis

Anne Francis

General manager

Sam Matthews

Sam Matthews

Administration and patient services manager

Berveley Pollard

Beverley Pollard

Quality manager


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