TFP Swindon Fertility satellite clinic

TFP Swindon Fertility is one of 4 satellite clinics for patients having their IVF treatment at TFP Oxford Fertility. Here you can have some of your fertility appointments, consultations and monitoring scans closer to home if you live in the Wiltshire area.

Where is the satellite clinic?

You can find TFP Swindon Fertility satellite clinic at:

Wiltshire Fertility Centre,
Unit 14, Dorcan Business Village,
Murdock Road, Dorcan,

What appointments are available at the satellite?

  •  Blood tests

  • Consent appointments including drug demonstrations

  • Scan appointments

  • Initial consultations and follow-ups

  • Monitoring

  • Pregnancy scanning

Treatments and services which take place at the main clinic

  • Fertility assessment

  • Consultations

  • Egg collection/retrieval

  • Embryo Transfer – including FET

  • IUI

  • Fertility preservation – egg or sperm freezing

  • Sperm retrieval

  • Counselling

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