Fertility treatment pricing at TFP GCRM Fertility

How much does a fertility treatment at GCRM cost exactly? Can costs be co-financed and, if so, by whom and by how much? Find a full directory to relevant pages below.

How much does IVF cost at TFP GCRM Fertility, Glasgow?

To give you an idea of how much IVF costs at our clinic, we share a typical treatment scenario.

A typical treatment scenario gives the costs at our clinics for the ‘average’ person starting their fertility journey with us.

This example scenario breaks down all the treatments and services for a single cycle of successful IVF.

Fertility assessment


To make sure your fertility treatment is tailored to give you the best possible chance of success, we start with a comprehensive fertility assessment.

Our assessment package includes pre-treatment tests and a fertility doctor specialist consultation:           

  • AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Blood Test

  • Detailed pre-treatment scan, including antral follicle count

  • Diagnostic semen analysis

  • Pre-treatment consultation to discuss your results and options

Single-cycle IVF cost


*Subject to regional variation


This typical treatment scenario is for a single cycle of successful IVF.

  • Pre-treatment

    Fertility specialist nurse planning

    Monitoring scans & in-treatment blood tests


  • IVF treatment
    Fertility specialist nurse planning

    Monitoring scans & in-treatment blood tests

    Sperm preparation

    Egg collection, including sedation

    Embryo creation  

    Fresh transfer


  • Post-treatment consultation
    Early pregnancy scan

    Review consultation


Mandatory Fertility Lab Services


As well as your IVF procedure, there are specialist fertility services and administrative fees needed to support your treatment.

These include:

  • Blastocyst culture

  • Embryoscope monitoring

  • Embryo glue

  • Embryo freezing

  • 1 year of storage

  • HFEA Fee

Additional costs

These services will depend on your personal fertility and medical history.

Personal Medication Costs - £300 - £2,100

Medication is one element of your fertility treatment that will be tailored to your specific circumstances. For example, If you have a condition like PCOS, there are medicines to give you a better chance of successful IVF.

ICSI - £1,285

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an additional specialist laboratory procedure that you may be advised to consider following your specialist consultation.

Screening blood tests - £280 per person

Screening blood tests can be used to look for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis B core and hepatitis C, before you begin fertility treatment.

You’ll get a detailed overview of your treatment costs after your fertility assessment.

If you choose to have your care with us, you have multiple funding options for your treatment, including NHS funding referrals and our partnership with Access Fertility, who offer patients the chance to fix the cost of their treatment with a variety of payment packages.

It is important to everyone at TFP GCRM Fertility that you are fully informed about the fees you will be required to pay for your appointments, examinations and treatment.

If you have any queries, our patient support team is available to advise you further – please phone 0115 828 0246 or email gcrm@tfp-fertility.com

Our price list is structured in sections to give you a clear view of the potential steps in your treatment and the associated costs, to allow you to make informed financial planning. Any additional costs, such as medication and additional treatments relevant to your specific needs, will be discussed with you fully prior to consent and treatment

General price list

Step 1: Consultation and investigation

Before we can recommend a treatment pathway you will need to have a consultation with a doctor and may need a combination of investigations. This will allow us to plan the best treatment journey for you.

Fertility Assessment (Ultrasound scan, AMH blood test and consultation)


Comprehensive Fertility Assessment (Ultrasound scan, AMH blood test, Semen analysis and Consultation)


Comprehensive Fertility Assessment for same sex female couple (Ultrasound scan and AMH blood test for

each partner and a consultation)


Semen Analysis


Additional Counselling


Treatment Consultation


Step 2: Treatment packages

Below you will find our treatment packages, which will form the base of your fertility treatment. Each treatment package includes:

  • Specialised Treatment Planning Appointment

  • 3 counselling sessions during or within 3 months of completed cycle

  • HFEA fee

  • Monitoring bloods and ultrasound scans during the treatment cycle

  • Embryoscope Technology

  • Blastocsyt Culture

  • Embryo Glue

  • Embryo freezing and one year of storage

  • 1 review consultation or early pregnancy scan.

Prices for Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing are available on the PGT price list. Prices for surrogacy are available on the Surrogacy price list.

Step 2.1: Treatment Packages

TFP In-Vitro Fertilisation Cycle

Includes egg collection, fresh embryo transfer cycle


TFP Freeze All and Transfer Cycle

Includes egg collection, 1 FET cycle to be completed within 3 months


TFP Egg Recipient Cycle

Includes donor consultation, donor medication, ICSI (if required) Embryo transfer, additional screening

Fresh Egg Package (6 eggs) £9,150

Frozen Egg Package (6-9 eggs) £6,700

Frozen Egg Package 2 (10-13 eggs) £7,700

Frozen Egg Package 3 (14+ eggs) £9,700

TFP Shared motherhood

Includes egg collection for partner providing the egg and a fresh or frozen embryo transfer, additional screening


TFP Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Includes insemination procedure


ICSI Proceedure

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)


TFP IVF Cycle when Egg Sharing

Includes egg collection, fresh embryo transfer screening tests to enable you to donate eggs from your cycle


TFP Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


Includes, embryo thaw and embryo transfer


TFP Egg Thaw Cycle

ICSI and freezing of any additional embryos


TFP Embryo Recipient Cycle

Embryo transfer, follow up medical consultation if within 3 months and counselling session


TFP In-vitro maturation

Please note specific eligibility criteria apply


Ovulation Induction

Includes monitoring scans, progesterone blood test


TFP Donor Sperm and IVF Cycle

As per TFP IVF cycle plus ICSI (if required) and one sample of donor sperm


TFP Donor Sperm and IUI Cycle

As per TFP IUI cycle plus one sample of donor sperm


One Sample of TFP Donor Sperm

Additional samples of donor sperm

£1,790 per sample

Step 2.2: Fertility preservation

TFP Embryo Storage Cycle

Includes egg collection, embryo freezing


TFP Egg Freezing Cycle

Includes egg collection, egg freezing


TFP Egg Freezing 2 Cycles

As per Egg Freezing Cycle performed twice


Step 3: Medication

Medication costs vary depending on your individual needs, but please find an approximate cost range below. Please note we cannot refund any medication purchases, including any unused drugs.

Fresh Treatment Package

£900 - £2,100

Frozen Treatment Package

£350 - £700

IUI Package

£300 - £500

Stork Service Fee (includes delivery, injection kits and sharps bins)


Private Prescriptions


Step 4: Additional services

We have built our packages to include all you need as part of your treatment but sometimes there are additional services that may form part of your treatment plan and not included in your treatment package. You will find these below alongside the costs of investigation blood tests and scans. Additional services that have been paid for but not used, will always be refunded unless they form part of a treatment package.


Pelvic ultrasound scan




3d Saline Sonogram



Egg/Embryo/ Sperm 5 year storage top up


Sperm Freezing (includes screening)


Further storage per year


Genetic Testing

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis


Other Services

Administration cost for gamete/embryo transport within the UK excl. courier costs


Administration cost for gamete/embryo transport outside the UK excl. courier costs


External patient fee - additional to the tests/scans had



Endometrial Scratch


Additional sedation (for endometrial scratch or embryo transfer)


Surgical Sperm Retrieval (includes procedure, semen analysis, sedation, freezing and 1 year of storage


Blood Tests

Recurrent miscarriage Anti phospholipid antibodies




Pregnancy blood test (Bhcg)


Karyotype (chromosomes)


Recurrent miscarriage profile including karyotype (chromosomes)




Zika Abs IgM & igG


Screening blood tests (HIV / HEP B / HEP B Core / HEP C)

£280 per person

Other bloods


Woman laughing and holding her daughter while talking to a nurse

How to pay for fertility treatment

If you're unsure about how to pay for your fertility treatment, we have several funding routes available for your treatment, including NHS funding referrals and our partnership with Access Fertility.

Egg recipients


Miscellaneous costs

Non refundable deposits/ refund policy

*The non refundable deposit is applicable for any patient that wishes to cancel treatment before they have started stimulation injections or received monitoring (blood tests or scans) by the clinic. This non-refundable deposit is to cover the costs incurred by GCRM Fertility prior to the patient electing to cancel. These costs include the consent appointment, co-ordination of treatment dates, prescriptions and all administrative processes.

Occasionally, patients decide not to go ahead with treatment at all or have to be cancelled for a variety of reasons. If this happens, then we will advise you of the refund you are due.  

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to discontinue treatment for medical reasons, which can be due to poor or excessive response to the treatment drugs, or a co-incidental development of some other condition during the treatment. Depending on the stage of treatment at cancellation, a partial refund may be due. You can find our full refund policy in our price list that you can request on 0141 413 0715.


How to pay

Payments can be made by Debit/Credit Card, in person or by telephone on 0141 413 0715.

When and where to pay

Consultation and investigation tests

All fees (including initial Consultation, semen analysis, blood tests and ultrasound scans) are payable at the time of appointment booking.


Before you start any treatment you will need to have a consent appointment with the nursing team. Payment in total for the treatment cycle must be paid prior to this appointment. If payment is not made then your treatment cycle cannot continue.

Additional treatments

If you are planning to have an additional procedure, payment is due at the same time as your initial treatment payment. If the decision to have these procedures is not made until after your egg collection, then we ask you to pay as soon as you can prior to the embryo transfer procedure.

Payment for donated sperm must be paid at the time of ordering the sperm.

Patients who are having PGS will pay the package price for their cycle i.e. ICSI with the additional cost for the PGS and embryo biopsy at the same time. An embryologist will explain the tests required and the difference between the development and test fees.

Drug costs

The type and dose of drugs required during a cycle of treatment can vary depending on several factors so it is not possible to give an accurate cost estimate. During treatment, drug doses can be varied according to individual response which may give rise to the need for additional purchase or wastage.

Annual storage for embryos, eggs or sperm

Once you have consented to store your frozen embryos, eggs or sperm, every twelve months you will be asked to pay for continued storage. You will receive a letter asking for you to let us know if you want your samples to stay frozen and to agree to pay for a further year of storage. If you decide to dispose of your frozen storage you must complete and sign the form we send you so that it is received before the invoice is due. If we do not hear from you or receive your payment, we will send you a reminder invoice. It is very important, therefore, that you let us know if your contact details change.

Please note that there are no partial refunds for frozen storage.

Refund information

Occasionally treatments do not go ahead or are discontinued at some point due to medical reasons. If this happens, you will be eligible for a partial refund, depending on the stage at which the treatment is stopped. The amount you will be refunded is outlined below depending on what treatment you had and at what point your treatment stopped.

Cancellation Stage



Egg thaw

Embryo Storage

Egg freezing

Freeze all and


Fresh Egg Recipient

Frozen Egg Recipient

Cancelled before medication is









Discuss with local team

Cancelled after treatment scan and bloods








Discuss with local team

Cancelled after more than 1

treatment scan but before egg







Discuss with local team

No eggs recovered following egg







Discuss with local team

No embryo Transfer






Discuss with local team

IUI (Cancelled IUI prior to insemination)


Refund information – Egg recipiency

Cancellation Stage

Egg Package 1

Egg package 2

Egg package 3

Cancelled before medication is started




Cancelled after 1 treatment scan




Cancelled after more than 1 treatment





Less than 50% survival and cycle cancelled




Less than 50% survival and continue with





No Embryo transfer




Example pricing scenarios

Understanding the potential costs involved in your treatment can be very difficult, and deciphering the full price list is very challenging if you are not a medical professional. We have therefore put together some example prices to act as a guide.

Your treatment will be tailored to you, so the final cost of your treatment will be based upon your need and this will be discussed with you before you begin.

Example price for couple one

A couple with unexplained infertility. She is aged 30 and he is 32. They have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years without success.

Example price for couple two

A same sex female couple, ages 29 and 31, who need donor sperm for their treatment.


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