Satellite clinic

Aberdeen monitoring service

A dedicated monitoring service, where we build your fertility treatment journey around your precise needs. That’s why we have some of the best success rates in Scotland.

Where is the satellite clinic?


ROC Clinic Aberdeeen

Westhill Business Park

Peregrine Road

Aberdeen, AB32 6JL

The ROC Clinic is a private healthcare clinic, easily accessible by car or public transport, and is seconds off the A944 Straik Road at Westhill.

Who can use the satellite clinic?

The Aberdeen monitoring service is available to all patients based in the North of Scotland.

What appointments can take place at the satellite?

The following appointments can take place at the satellite:

  • Blood tests

  • Scan appointments

  • Pregnancy scans

All patients will have to attend our Glasgow clinic for their egg collection and embryo transfer appointment and for ovarian assessment and semen analysis.

Some patients may also require additional procedures (e.g. cyst aspiration, sperm freeze, surgical sperm retrieval) which can only be done at the main clinic in Glasgow.

How will using the satellite affect my treatment?

Appointments are conducted in line with TFP GCRM Fertility's protocols, and all scan and blood test results are sent to the main unit so the decisions made about your treatment, and your chances of success, are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in Aberdeen or Glasgow.

Who will I see?

All GCRM Fertility satellite clinics are staffed by highly experienced nurses and doctors who work very closely with the staff at our headquarters in Glasgow to ensure good communication and an excellent standard of care.


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