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EmbryoGlue® as an embryo transfer medium

The main aim of this study is to find out if an embryo transfer culture media (the liquid that embryos being transferred are placed into), called EmbryoGlue®, results in a higher live birth rate compared with conventional embryo transfer medium.

EmbryoGlue® has an increased viscosity compared to conventional embryo transfer medium and contains hyaluronan, a compound found in the uterus at the time of implantation.

Current studies reviewing the effectiveness of EmbryoGlue® present conflicting conclusions, with some demonstrating no beneficial effect on both pregnancy and implantation rates while others, including a review of a large number of studies, showed that patients undergoing an embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue® had an improved pregnancy rate. This research suggested that using EmbryoGlue® may lead to improved live birth rates, but, as these studies were small, we do not know if using this medium will lead to a higher number of babies being born. So far we have not seen these results to be replicated within our clinic.

In this study at TFP Oxford Fertility, we aim to compare a total of 730 embryo transfers across the two groups to find out whether EmbryoGlue® has any beneficial effect compared with conventional embryo transfer medium. The study may provide information on whether EmbryoGlue® should be routinely used for all patients, a subset of patients, or whether it should be disregarded as an IVF ‘add-on'.


Ginny Mounce
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford


Start date: May 2017
Delivery date: May 2020


Dr Ginny Mounce
University of Oxford, Dept Women’s & Reproductive Health

Dr Karen Turner
Oxford Fertility

Prof. Tim Child
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford

Rebecca Frettsome
Oxford Fertility

Aysha Bevan
Oxford Fertility

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Further high quality studies are needed before doctors can be confident of the benefits of embryo glue.

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