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Ovum – Improving IVF success with 3D ultrasound


We think 3D ultrasound and a new blood test can improve our ability to predict a successful outcome for IVF treatment. We are working in partnership with GE Healthcare and researchers at Nottingham University to try and increase success rates.

Ultrasound scans

We normally measure straight across a follicle to gain a diameter. Some studies say measuring volume is more accurate and may help increase the number of mature eggs.


This hormone is produced by healthy growing follicles in the ovary. We think it will be better at predicting how many good eggs we will obtain.

Join the study

Who can take part?

We are looking at people who have either a high or low ovarian reserve who will be using medication to stimulate their ovaries and having IVF/ICSI.

If you have been told you have a follicle count of over 20 on one ovary or your AMH hormone test is either over 35pmol/L or under 10pmol/L, you may be eligible to take part.

We would also like to know if you have previously had ovarian stimulation and obtained less than 3 eggs or developed ovarian hyperstimulation treatment (OHSS).

What happens if I take part?

Dr Joanne Wilkins will contact you. Once you have confirmed you are happy to take part she will perform the majority of your scans and blood tests.

You will be asked to have a scan and a blood test before you start stimulation treatment (usually on the day of your consent appointment) and then a series of scans soon after you start your stimulation treatment. Many of these investigations are part of your routine visits.

Contact information

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