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TFP Fertility UK partnerships

At TFP Fertility we work with selected organisations who provide services that can be helpful to our patients. These partnerships mean we can offer even better care and support to everyone, when and where it’s needed.

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Access Fertility

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Affording treatment upfront can be challenging for some patients.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with Access Fertility. Their programmes allow you to spread the cost of IVF through their finance offering, including 0% interest on payment plans for up to 12 months.*

The Access Fertility programmes offer multiple cycles, which saves on costs compared to paying for cycles one at a time. You can also spread the cost of all or part of your treatment programme into monthly instalments.

These programmes have helped many of our patients save money, fix the cost of their treatment and reduce the financial stress involved with fertility treatment.

Access Fertility shares our commitment to making treatments more accessible and affordable for individuals and couples looking to start a family.

By collaborating with Access Fertility, we can offer comprehensive treatment options, financial security and a supportive network, ultimately improving access to fertility care.

*subject to eligibility criteria

Fertility Network UK

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Fertility Network UK is a charity dedicated to helping individuals and couples facing fertility challenges.

They serve as a valuable resource hub, providing practical information, guidance and emotional support to help you through your fertility journey.

They aim to raise awareness about fertility issues and provide access to the best possible treatment options and services.

TFP Fertility UK has partnered with Fertility Network to ensure all your needs are acknowledged and addressed with a wide range of resources, support and combined expertise.

LGBT Mummies

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 At TFP Fertility UK, we want to ensure the best possible experience for all LGBT+ people as they start or extend their family. 

That’s why we’re proud to partner with LGBT Mummies, an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering the LGBT+ community in their journey to motherhood or parenthood. 

They provide guidance, information and resources for LGBT+ intended parents and families, and guidance on:

  • Fertility options

  • Surrogacy

  • Adoption

  • Fostering

Supporting the different family units that make a LGBTQ+ family and laws, whilst campaigning for equality for all LGBTQ+ families.

You can connect with people in their global community which is a safe space to seek support and guidance and make new friends.

By partnering with LGBT Mummies, and working with their educational arm Proud Foundations, TFP Fertility UK is passionately working hard to ensure that all staff are educated on who the community is, and creating an LGBT+ pathway throughout the Group.

This means patients have access to a service that is truly inclusive and a trusted organisation and advocate to support you on the most exciting of journeys. 

The Ribbon Box (formerly Fertility Help Hub)

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Led by founder Eloise, IVF mum to three sperm donor-conceived children, The Ribbon Box offers a free and inclusive community that offers support and inspiration throughout the journey of preconception, pregnancy and parenting.

Partnering with The Ribbon Box allows us to extend patients’ access to this supportive community, with guidance, encouragement and valuable information.


Sharing our values of offering fertility care and advice for all, The Ribbon Box offers a wealth of resources tailored to diverse family structures.

They address the physical challenges and emotional highs and lows associated with fertility treatments.

You can find thoughtful and uplifting gifts, self-care products, shared stories and an extra layer of comfort and support through the fertility experience. 


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Tommy’s is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals on their fertility journey.

Their focus is on saving babies’ lives by funding research and offering support to individuals and couples experiencing pregnancy complications.

We are very proud of this partnership and delighted to open up the conversation and raise awareness on this universal subject that impacts so many.

We fundraise throughout the year to support Tommy’s research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Since 2019, we've raised over £100,000 in support of Tommy's.

Tommy’s also offers a PregnancyHub that shares tools, resources and expert information in a caring community of people who empathise with pregnancy challenges.

Together, Tommy’s and TFP Fertility are dedicated to supporting patients on their unique fertility journey.

Additional services

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Ultrasound Direct

Ultrasound Direct specialises in providing high-quality ultrasound services.

They offer a range of ultrasound scans to support our patients on their fertility journey.

Their state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced sonographers provide accurate and detailed scans from which we gain valuable insights during the diagnostics and monitoring of fertility treatments.


Working together with Ultrasound Direct, we aim to provide the best care, offering convenient and reliable access to ultrasound services with timely results.

Our collaboration with Ultrasound Direct streamlines the diagnostic process, improves communication and overall makes the fertility journey as smooth as possible.

We provide our patients with the best possible care and accurate imaging plays an important role in fertility treatments. 


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Hormone Health

Our collaboration with Hormone Health means we can offer more women the opportunity to access specialist hormone health advice and treatments in the UK.

We offer a holistic approach to fertility and recognise the challenges you may face on your fertility journey, that’s why we have forged a relationship with Hormone Health as they’re also dedicated to promoting hormone health and personalised healthcare for all.


Our combined expertise in hormone testing, analysis and tailored treatment plans allows us to address the essential role hormones play in reproductive health.

Together, we help our patients to achieve hormonal balance and increase the chances of successful pregnancies.

Hormone Health’s work is supported by clinical evidence and follows guidelines laid down by women’s health societies.


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