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TFP Partnerships

Partnerships make us stronger. For this reason, TFP has teamed up with IVF Babble and Hormone Health to offer exclusive support to all of our patients.

TFP Partnerships

TFP and IVF Babble

TFP is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with IVF Babble, the online fertility and IVF magazine, to offer an exclusive support package to all of our patients. We know how important it is to feel supported on your fertility journey.

As part of the collaboration with IVF Babble, every patient who attends a consultation with a doctor at one of our UK clinics will receive an IVF Babble Pineapple Support pack, containing a pineapple bag, Pineapple Pin and a unique code to access exclusive content on

What to know

Increasing patient support for those seeking a little human help

The hope of both TFP and IVF Babble is that, should a patient leave their consultation and struggle to remember all the details, they can log in to with a unique code where they will find a series of videos from TFP explaining each stage of the IVF process. In addition, there are articles and videos on wellness, mindfulness exercises and guidance on alternative therapies that can complement ongoing treatments.

TFP is partnering with IVF Babble to increase the support available to people trying to conceive and open further ties to the fertility community. IVF Babble was set up in 2015 with the mission of becoming a comprehensive resource for those trying to conceive and a place where they could get the information and support they need on their fertility journeys.

What is IVF Babble?

IVF Babble is an online support network, magazine and resource for people who may be finding it hard to conceive. It was founded by Sara Marshall-Page and Tracey Bambrough who went through fertility treatment themselves and who, coincidentally, both ended up having IVF twins!

Both Sara and Tracey felt that there was a real lack of support and awareness as they went through their treatment. They set up IVF Babble to build a ‘trying to conceive’ community and to try to break the silence and ‘normalise infertility’ for those who are finding it difficult to have a baby. As part of this plan, they also launched the Pineapple Pin in the UK.

The pineapple is a symbol of fertility, and the Pineapple Pin exists to create a sense of community and solidarity. Sara and Tracey estimate that they have sold more than 25,000 pins since they launched them at the end of 2016. Pins are available to buy on the IVF Babble website for £5.99 and can also be bought on Amazon.

What is Babble Prime?

Babble Prime is an online directory for all things fertility. Normally, there is a fee to become a member of Babble Prime and to enable access to all content; however, all patients who attend a consultation at a clinic in TFP in the UK will receive complimentary access for three months as part of their Pineapple Support Pack.

What is the Pineapple Support Pack?

The Pineapple Support Pack is a small ‘make-up’ sized bag with the Pineapple logo on it. Inside the bag will be a Pineapple Pin, a welcome letter, and a unique code entitling you to 3 months free membership of Babble Prime, where you can access exclusive TFP content to help answer any questions you might have on your fertility journey.

How to get your Pineapple Support Pack

To get your Pineapple Support pack, just ask a member of the staff when you attend a consultation with a doctor at a TFP clinic.

TFP and Hormone Health

Our partnership with Hormone Health means that we are able to offer more women the opportunity to access specialist hormone health advice and treatments in the UK. Hormone Health clinics specialise in helping women by creating tailored management programmes for the sexual, reproductive and post-reproductive phases of their lives.

What to know

What is Hormone Health?

Our partnership with Hormone Health means that we will be offering the number one service of its kind in the UK. Established by Nick Panay – one of the country’s leading gynaecologists – Hormone Health caters to the needs of women who wish to experience a personal and tailored approach to their health. Hormone Health’s work is supported by clinical evidence and follows guidelines laid down by women’s health societies, such as the British and International Menopause Societies and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The popularity of the practice in London has now led to its partnership with TFP.

What services does Hormone Health offer?

Hormone Health provides a wide range of expertise and services that cover a number of different phases in women’s lives. These include menopause and post-menopause treatments, help with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and period problems and advice and treatment for other women’s health issues, such as fibroids and ovarian cysts.

The full list of services offered by Hormone Health can be found here.

How can I contact Hormone Health?

To find out more about Hormone Health services at TFP, please fill out our contact form here.


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