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Endometrial receptivity research: Improving IVF success rates


We believe that the appearance of the lining of the womb does impact the success rate. We are conducting this study to test this theory by looking at the lining of the womb in more detail using ultrasound. We believe this may have a huge implication in the future as it will help us to decipher when the best time to transfer an embryo is to achieve a higher success rate.

Triple Pattern Endometrium


Uterus on 3D

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Who can take part?

Anyone who is having IVF or ICSI treatment at TFP Nurture Fertility and is going to have an embryo transfer.

What does it involve?

The study will involve scanning and looking at the lining of your womb and taking blood tests. This is done as part of your routine IVF treatment with no extra visits and it does not involve any interventions or changes to your routine treatment.

For more information

Please contact Dr Hiba Elhassan at 

Alternatively, if you are a current patient with us, please send a portal message quoting ‘endometrial receptivity research’ or contact a member of our team.

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This research has received ethical approval from the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS) Research Ethics Committee at the University of Nottingham. This study is supported by Ferring, GE Healthcare, The University of Nottingham and The Fertility Partnership. 

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