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Become an egg donor

Imagine giving the gift of parenthood. For the 1 in 6 couples in the UK affected by infertility, donating your eggs can be life changing.

“The feeling you get when you've done it is amazing”


Why donate your eggs?

For countless hopeful parents, infertility shatters their dream of having children.

Egg donation offers many people the chance to experience the joys of parenthood and complete their family at last.

With a nationwide shortage of donor eggs and infertility on the rise, your donation is needed more than ever.

From those struggling to conceive to LGBTQ+ families, your egg donation could change someone's life.

Can I donate my eggs?

You should be:

  • Age 21 to 32

  • BMI between 18 to 35 - calculate your BMI

  • Non-smoker for 3 months, including vapes

  • No serious illnesses or infections

  • Able to share your full medical history and that of your immediate relatives

You need to meet certain criteria to make sure it’s safe for you and that your eggs are healthy.

In some circumstances, we can accept eggs from an older person.

For example, if the donation is for someone you know.

Not sure if you can donate?

Benefits of egg donation

We see first-hand what an incredible difference egg donation makes.

This is why we make sure to give back, with lots of benefits for our amazing egg donors.

  • £750 compensation

    Every donor receives £750.00 compensation, which is to cover expenses like travel, childcare and accommodation.

  • Free fertility assessment

    With this detailed picture of your fertility health, you can make empowered choices about your own journey – now, or in the future.

  • Specialist counselling

    Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to support you through your donation, with a specialist counsellor and our care team.


Become an egg donor

If you're considering donating and meet the criteria, we'd love to hear from you. Find out if you could change someone's life.

"When we found out that my recipient had given birth to a healthy baby... was a great feeling!"

Why donate your eggs to TFP Fertility?

We’re a specialist fertility care provider with more than 40 years of experience matching egg donors with hopeful parents to help make happy families.


“I wanted to help someone else and take pride in doing so”


Do something inspiring

If you meet the criteria and are interested in donating your eggs, we'd love to hear from you.

Our patient stories

- Crystal -

“Rather than waste my eggs I thought I could give them to other people instead.”

- KJ -

“When we found out that my recipient had given birth to a healthy baby, it was a great feeling”

- Rachel -

Three times egg donor Rachel says, “I wanted to do it again. I wanted to help someone else.”


How to donate eggs

You can donate your eggs to licensed fertility clinics in the UK, which can be for someone you know or to a stranger (altruistic donation).

The egg donation process starts with screening to check you’re suitable.

Your eggs are collected by stimulating your ovaries with fertility medicine.

How much do you get for donating eggs?

In the UK it’s illegal to pay for egg donation, but you're compensated for your time.

Every donor receives £750 per donation, which is to cover expenses like childcare, travel and accommodation.

You may be able to claim more if your costs are higher, but you’ll need receipts.

If you're from overseas and not a permanent resident in the UK, we'll compensate you in the same way.

Please note that you can’t claim for overseas travel expenses.

Is donating eggs painful?

We sedate you when we retrieve your eggs to make sure you don't feel any pain.

You might be tender afterwards.

To get ready for egg donation, you give yourself injections with fertility medicine.

This isn’t usually painful, but it can be uncomfortable.

Our team can give you tips to make it more comfortable.

In some cases, the fertility medicine can cause discomfort as your ovaries become stimulated.

1 in 100 women get ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which is a painful and potentially serious condition.

We carefully monitor your dose and scan your ovaries to avoid this.

Are there any risks?

Egg donation is a widely practised medical procedure, and our consultants are experienced in safely collecting eggs for donation.

There can be side effects from the fertility medication. 

If you have a reaction, it's usually not severe.

You might have mild symptoms like sudden hot flushes, feeling irritable or down, headaches, or feeling restless.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a more severe reaction that affects around 1 in 100 women having this treatment.

It can be a painful and serious condition.

Some people worry that egg donation could affect their fertility.

There’s no evidence of this and no risk of running out of eggs due to egg donation, as you’re born with more than you could ever use.

Who can I donate eggs to?

You can donate to someone you know, including:

  • Friends or colleagues

  • Single people or couples

  • LGBTQ+ couples

  • Any female relatives

  • Some male relatives

You don’t need to be a genetic or ethnic match with the person you’re donating to.

Speak to our clinic to find out about which male relatives you can donate to. 

You can also donate your eggs altruistically, which is when we match you with someone at our clinic having IVF.

They'll remain anonymous to you.


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