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IVF for over 40's

If you’re aged 40 or over and want to have a child, we have dedicated experts and treatment options to help you.

We offer personalised support from your first consultation and throughout your fertility journey to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

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What is the IVF age limit in the UK?

There’s no official age limit for IVF treatment in the UK, but women aged over 45 aren’t usually recommended to undergo IVF with their own eggs.  

This is because, at this age, very few women who choose this option become pregnant. 

If you have IVF using eggs donated by a younger woman, you have a much better chance of success beyond 45, and even past the age of 50. 

Why does fertility decline with age?

A woman’s ovaries contain a limited number of eggs.

The number of eggs decreases across the reproductive life time, and the quality of eggs also decreases leading to an increase in chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriage.

This increases significantly after 35 and reduces the chances of a woman becoming pregnant naturally or through IVF.

However, because of advances in fertility treatments, women aged over 40 now have more options about how and when they start a family.  

IVF treatment options for over 40's

At TFP Fertility UK, the first step would be to have a fertility assessment.

This involves a number of blood tests and ultrasound scans, and allows us to gain an accurate measure of your fertility.

In the consultation following your assessment, you’ll be given advice about potential next steps and have the opportunity to ask any questions.  

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IVF using your own fresh eggs

If you're over 40, you may think your only option is to have IVF using donor eggs.  

But we’ve helped many women aged over 40 use their own eggs to become pregnant and have a child. 

If the results of your fertility assessment show that IVF using your fresh eggs is possible, we’ll work with you to develop a personalised treatment and care plan that optimises your chances of success. 

Find out more about IVF treatment and all the steps involved in the process. 

IVF using your own frozen eggs or embryos

If you’re aged over 40 and have previously had eggs collected and frozen, we can discuss IVF treatment options with you. 

We can also offer you the same expert care and support if you’ve previously gone through an IVF cycle and had healthy embryos frozen. 

You don’t need to have had your eggs or embryos previously frozen with TFP Fertility UK.  

We can arrange to have your eggs and/or embryos transferred from another clinic to allow your treatment to continue with us. 

Find out more about our frozen embryo transfer process and how we can help you become pregnant through this treatment. 

IVF using donor eggs

Depending on your personal preferences and circumstances, IVF treatment using donor eggs may be the best option for you if you’re aged 40 or over.  

We’ll carefully explain how IVF with donor eggs works and provide you with the all support you need during this process. 

We can also precisely match you with egg donors below 36 years of age that suit your preferences. 

If you do choose this option, fertility counselling is included as part of your treatment and something we recommend all patients attend. 

Find out more about using donor eggs. 

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Speak to us today

If you’re keen to discuss your fertility treatment options, have a question about IVF, or would like to book a fertility assessment at your local TFP Fertility clinic, please use our contact form. There’s no experience like this, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

How much will my IVF treatment cost?

The cost of IVF at TFP Fertility UK varies because we carefully tailor treatment and care plans to meet your individual needs and give you the best chance of success.  

A typical IVF cycle includes: 

  • Egg collection 

  • Embryo transfer 

  • EmbryoscopeTM 

  • Blastocyst culture 

  • Embryo freezing 

  • One year of storage for eggs, sperm or embryos 

You can find a detailed price list for all treatments and procedures on each TFP Fertility clinic page.  

Find your nearest clinic, or use our contact form to request a confidential chat about your circumstances, whether IVF is right for you, and to take you through the costs. 

NHS-funded fertility treatment is available for women over 40. Find out more about how to check whether you might be eligible.

IVF success after 40

We know how important success rates are when choosing a fertility clinic, so we’re open and transparent about our results to give you access to the most accurate data.  

Each of our clinics share their IVF success rates by age, up to age 44, as verified by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the independent body that oversees and regulates the quality and safety of all fertility treatment in the UK.  

Find out more on our clinic pages.

If you have any questions at all about success rates, please contact us and one of our team will make sure you have the information you need. 

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What can I do to improve my chances of IVF success?

Declining egg quality is the main reason why women over 40 struggle to conceive and have a successful pregnancy.

But there are some lifestyle changes you could make that may increase your egg quality and fertility, such as:  

  • Stop smoking 

  • Take folic acid and vitamin D supplements 

  • Reduce your alcohol intake or stop drinking completely 

  • Reduce your caffeine intake 

  • Eat a healthy, balanced, and varied diet  

  • Get good quality sleep 

  • Avoid stressful situations 

  • Get moving, e.g. do some walking, stretching or yoga 

Find out more about changes you could make.  

We can give you more advice tailored to your individual situation, and support you to make these important lifestyle changes.  

We also understand that fertility treatment can feel particularly overwhelming when you’re over 40, making the recommendation to avoid stress difficult to achieve.  

But rest assured that at TFP Fertility we have a wealth of experience and expertise in this area, and we’ll do everything we can to guide and support you through your fertility journey.


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