The key to success in infertility treatment is to apply the right help at the right time. The first and fundamental element in the treatment of our patients is always diagnostics.


In our clinic, the doctor always matches the individual therapy and treatment to the obstacle to pregnancy in your specific case.

Fertility assessment

We can always estimate our fertility potential. It is worth doing because it is a very important aspect of our overall health. With a fertility assessment, you can find out where your body is at before you make spontaneous attempts to get pregnant.

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Determination of AMH levels

The AMH level helps to determine the ovarian reserve in women. It will tell you how long you are likely to have left to become a mother. The test result will also help our fertility specialist to identify any problems that may be limiting your future plans for parenthood.

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Sperm analysis

A semen test is the first and most fundamental step in the diagnosis of a man's reproductive health. Performing it allows you to assess your fertility and see if there is anything preventing you from becoming a dad. You can discuss the results of the seminogram with our laboratory diagnostician or your doctor. The test is only one visit to the clinic; it is worth it!

Examination of sperm

Laboratory tests

In our clinic all the tests will be done in one place, and you will find out the results conveniently - via the Patient Portal - without leaving your home. We offer hormonal, immunological, genetic, bacteriological and many other tests.

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Gynaecological ultrasound examination

Transvaginal ultrasound is performed to assess the shape, size and structure of the uterus and the endometrium, the mucous membrane lining the uterine cavity. Ultrasound also allows the location, size, and activity of the ovaries to be assessed. During ovarian stimulation in the treatment of infertility, ultrasound enables the assessment of a woman's preparation for IVF.

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HyCoSy study

Standard transvaginal ultrasound examination does not allow an accurate assessment of the uterine cavity or the patency of the fallopian tubes. The least invasive of the additional techniques is HyCoSy. This examination allows the size and shape of the uterine cavity and the patency of the fallopian tubes to be assessed. It also gives a signal to the doctor whether there are other pathologies in the uterine cavity.



Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows you to see inside the uterus under magnification. It is performed using a hysteroscope, which is a narrow tube with a light and a camera at the end. The images from the camera are displayed on a monitor, allowing the doctor to see the inside of the patient's uterus in detail. The examination makes it possible to assess changes in the endometrium and inside the uterine cavity and to determine possible further medical treatment.

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Genetic testing

Genetic testing will help to find out the cause of problems with getting or keeping a pregnancy. We recommend it to couples who experience recurrent pregnancy loss, who have problems with unexplained causes of infertility, with male factor infertility, and in those who do not achieve pregnancy after even IVF treatment several times.

NIFTY testing

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