Effectiveness of treatment

When planning in vitro fertilisation treatment, you are most likely asking yourself "what are my chances of success?" At our clinic, we meticulously monitor success rates, voluntarily report them, and continually strive to improve our success rates


We have counted and presented the effectiveness of treatment at TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo below, illustrating as clearly as possible the effectiveness of each stage of treatment.

Efficacy per treatment cycle

In order to most accurately determine the effectiveness of treatment, it is useful to consider one complete IVF cycle - that is: one hormonal stimulation completed with oocyte retrieval, fertilisation, and embryo culture, which are successively transferred in embryo transfers (fresh embryos and thawed embryos) until clinical pregnancy is achieved. In the following analysis, we considered all patients up to the age of 38 years who started IVF treatment (taking the date of oocyte retrieval as the start of treatment) and checked whether they managed to become pregnant (clinical, confirmed on ultrasound) within a year of starting treatment. Most of the patients had only one embryo transfer, while the others had two or three. There were also patients in whom embryo transfer did not occur for various reasons.

Thus, we calculated the chances of achieving pregnancy for a patient starting treatment in our clinic and undergoing one IVF cycle.

Efficacy per treatment | TFP

Effectiveness per transfer

We know how great the stress of waiting for a pregnancy test result after embryo donation (embryo transfer) is. Often, for various medical reasons, it is the awaited transfer of a frozen embryo. Below, we have presented the effectiveness of the transfers, counted as the presence of a clinical pregnancy.

Efficiency per embryo delivery


We consider a treatment to be successful with the birth of a baby. That is why we closely follow the fate of pregnancies after embryo transfers and collect information about births.

Babies born 2020 | TFP

Who and what is behind the high effectiveness of IVF treatment?

In a series of Polish-language articles, we will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the successes of IVF treatment. Let's start with the most mysterious part - the IVF laboratory:

- Anna and Tomasz -

Dziecko jest naszym skarbem i marzeniem, które spełniło się dzięki Waszej klinice. Dziękujemy za troskę i empatię, na jaką mogliśmy liczyć ze strony całego personelu. Będziemy zawsze czuli wdzięczność za podtrzymanie w nas nadziei i fachową opiekę medyczną, dzięki której nasz syn przyszedł na świat.

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