Our approach

At TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo, we care about finding a solution to every fertility challenge. We are part of TFP's international group of infertility clinics. Combining the experience of over 300 experts from 6 countries and 20 clinics, we will do everything we can to make your path to parenthood easier.

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We will guarantee you an individual programme of diagnosis and treatment:

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    For us, "infertility" is not a disease - it's a path we will walk with you.

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    We know that the diagnosis and treatment of infertility sometimes consumes a large part of your life - much more time and emotion than you originally anticipated. Using our knowledge, support, and experience, you will be able to smoothly go through the treatment process.

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    On your first visit, we will try our best to get to know your story and suggest the best course of action in your case.

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    For each couple, we will propose an individual treatment path, based on the algorithms of infertility management, but adapted to your situation, expectations, and possibilities.


All treatment methods we propose are explained and justified in detail. In doing so, we respect your will and your world view. We also understand the importance of the time factor in infertility treatment. With us, you can quickly make an appointment for examinations and treatments. We will do our best to ensure that each visit and examination has a precise purpose.

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Transparency of costs

We know that infertility treatment is not cheap. The costs of all tests and appointments are listed on our price pages - you will always know what you are paying for and how much. If assisted reproductive technology becomes necessary, we will offer clear treatment programmes. We also have several other options for funding treatment.


We are success-driven but not afraid of failure

We carefully monitor our effectiveness and enjoy each new birth. However, we recognise that we will not always achieve success. Our aim is that when we make the decision to terminate treatment, whatever the outcome, patients can be confident that we have done our utmost care and have done everything we can to help them.


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