Price list: Egg recipients

We hope this guide will help you assess the cost of your recipient treatment fees. It provides information about what is included in the cost, when and where to pay, and what refund may be due if your treatment does not take place for any reason. Please note that this is a guide and prices can vary slightly.

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Consultations and tests

Pre-treatment assessment & procedures

Frozen egg bank recipient costs

Price includes ICSI fee, embryo transfer and HFEA

Fresh known egg donor recipient costs

Fresh known egg share recipient costs


Miscellaneous costs

Non refundable deposits/ refund policy

*The non refundable deposit is applicable for any patient that wishes to cancel treatment before they have started stimulation injections or received monitoring (blood tests or scans) by the clinic. This non-refundable deposit is to cover the costs incurred by GCRM Fertility prior to the patient electing to cancel. These costs include the consent appointment, co-ordination of treatment dates, prescriptions and all administrative processes.

Occasionally, patients decide not to go ahead with treatment at all or have to be cancelled for a variety of reasons. If this happens, then we will advise you of the refund you are due.  

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to discontinue treatment for medical reasons, which can be due to poor or excessive response to the treatment drugs, or a co-incidental development of some other condition during the treatment. Depending on the stage of treatment at cancellation, a partial refund may be due. You can find our full refund policy in our price list that you can request on +44 141 891 8749.


How to pay

Payments can be made by Debit/Credit Card, in person or by telephone on 0141 891 8749.

When and where to pay

Consultation and investigation tests

All fees (including initial Consultation, semen analysis, blood tests and ultrasound scans) are payable at the time of appointment booking.


Before you start any treatment you will need to have a consent appointment with the nursing team. Payment in total for the treatment cycle must be paid prior to this appointment. If payment is not made then your treatment cycle cannot continue.

Additional treatments

If you are planning to have an additional procedure, payment is due at the same time as your initial treatment payment. If the decision to have these procedures is not made until after your egg collection, then we ask you to pay as soon as you can prior to the embryo transfer procedure.

Payment for donated sperm must be paid at the time of ordering the sperm.

Patients who are having PGS will pay the package price for their cycle i.e. ICSI with the additional cost for the PGS and embryo biopsy at the same time. An embryologist will explain the tests required and the difference between the development and test fees.

Drug costs

The type and dose of drugs required during a cycle of treatment can vary depending on several factors so it is not possible to give an accurate cost estimate. During treatment, drug doses can be varied according to individual response which may give rise to the need for additional purchase or wastage.

Annual storage for embryos, eggs or sperm

Once you have consented to store your frozen embryos, eggs or sperm, every twelve months you will be asked to pay for continued storage. You will receive a letter asking for you to let us know if you want your samples to stay frozen and to agree to pay for a further year of storage. If you decide to dispose of your frozen storage you must complete and sign the form we send you so that it is received before the invoice is due. If we do not hear from you or receive your payment, we will send you a reminder invoice. It is very important, therefore, that you let us know if your contact details change.

Please note that there are no partial refunds for frozen storage.


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