Mid Ulster Outreach Clinic

A dedicated outreach clinic in the heart of Mid Ulster, working as part of TFP Belfast Fertility.

Bubbles, north west Ireland

Where is the outreach clinic?

The TFP Belfast Fertility Mid Ulster Outreach Clinic is located in Castledawson.

Our Mid Ulster outreach is operated by Dr Declan Quinn and is conveniently located just off Castledawson Road with onsite parking.


Mid Ulster Women’s Health Clinic

Unit 3B, 1 Loves Hill



BT45 8DP

Who can use the outreach clinic?

The TFP Belfast Fertility monitoring facility in Mid Ulster is available to any patients who would find the location more convenient for monitoring during fertility treatment.

What appointments can take place at the outreach clinic?

We can carry out baseline investigations with our state-of-the-art scanning facility and private blood tests can be arranged based on your individual needs.

Our Consultants work closely with the team in TFP Fertility in order to ensure patient information is communicated effectively to minimise waiting times and access to treatment.

How will using the outreach clinic affect my treatment?

Appointments are conducted in line with Belfast Fertility’s protocols, and all scan test results are sent to the main unit so the decisions made about your treatment, and your chances of success, are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in Mid Ulster or Belfast.

Who will I see?

We have Dr Declan Quinn and Dr Frances Stewart, both Consultant gynaecologists who can carry out your baseline investigations. Dr Donald Chandranath is available to carry out baseline scans as requested by TFP Fertility.

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