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Why choose us for your egg donation?

Your egg donation is in safe hands with us from start to finish, with our complete team of specialists taking the very best care of everything – including you.

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Could we be the ones for you?

We're TFP Fertility Group, an international network of fertility treatment clinics covering the UK, Poland and Netherlands.

Together, we have more than 35 years’ of experience matching incredible egg donors to hopeful parents, to help create happy families with our fertility treatments and care.

Here’s what we can offer in return.

Convenient locations

We have eight main fertility treatment clinics and 16 satellite clinics for your convenience.

Your consultations and egg collection will be carried out at one of our main clinics but scans and blood tests can be done at our local satellite clinics if they're more convenient for you.

With 7-9 total appointments, this can save lots of time.

Find your nearest clinic

Specialist fertility care

With us, you can feel confident in the process.

Our team are leaders in their fields and 98% of people rate our nursing care as exceptional.

Every one of our egg donors receives:

  • Specialist fertility care

  • A complementary fertility assessment

  • Egg donor counselling and legal advice

When your eggs are used in treatment, our fertility specialists give their very best efforts to achieve a positive result, using safe and effective techniques.

Licensed UK clinics

As fertility experts, we follow strict safety and ethical guidelines set out by HFEA, the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment.

We take every care over you and your eggs, and any treatments your eggs are used in.

All our donors and recipients are approved and cared for by us.

You can be confident that it’s ethical, medically approved, and that you’re protected as a donor.

Complete support

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

You'll meet with one of our specialist counsellors before starting and our care team are available via phone if you need advice or support at any point.

Once you’ve started the process, there’s never any obligation or pressure to continue.

Your donation happens on your terms.

Many of our egg donors do find that the process was easier than they expected – and some go on to become repeat donors.

What our egg donors say

  • joeyy-lee-7D8MgOrLGtU-unsplashcrop
    “The staff made the process so lovely. Shelley and the donor team were amazing, they knew our bodies so well by the end of the donation process, which really helped.”

    - Abi, Egg Donor with TFP Wessex Fertility

  • 20231001_131255 crop
    “They were brilliant at fitting my scans around my hectic life.”

    – Nay, Egg Donor with TFP Oxford Fertility

  • guri-mann-1BvoUlcD9Jc-unsplashcrop
    “The staff at Wessex Fertility are just amazing.”

    – KJ, Egg Donor with TFP Wessex Fertility


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