Letterkenny outreach clinic

A dedicated outreach clinic in Letterkenny working with TFP Belfast Fertility to make it easier for our patients living in the Republic of Ireland

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Where is the outreach clinic?

In collaboration with Dr McKernan, patients residing in Donegal and surrounding areas can now access initial consultations, all tracking scans and tests required for treatment in Belfast in Letterkenny General Hospital located at the Hospital Roundabout, Letterkenny, Donegal.

Usually only three appointments will then be required at TFP Belfast Fertility during treatment, thereby reducing the amount of travelling and disruption for our patients.

Dr McKernan is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist working in Letterkenny General Hospital with an interest in sub-fertility, endometriosis and minimal access surgery.

Who can use the outreach clinic?

TFP Belfast Fertility monitoring facility in Letterkenny is available to any patients who would find our Letterkenny location more convenient during fertility treatment.

What appointments can take place at the outreach clinic?

The following appointments can take place at the Belfast Fertility Letterkenny outreach clinic:

  • Initial Fertility Assessments

  • Initial consultations

  • Monitoring scans

  • Follow-up appointment/reviews

All patients will have to attend our Belfast fertility clinic for their egg collection, embryo transfer appointment and consent appointments.

How will using the outreach clinic affect my treatment?

The aim of the outreach service is to make treatment more convenient for you.

Appointments are conducted as they would be in Belfast and results are put on our database so the decisions made about your treatment, and your chances of success, are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in Belfast or Letterkenny.

Who will I see?

All TFP Belfast Fertility outreach clinics are staffed by highly experienced nurses and doctors who work very closely with the staff at our headquarters in Belfast to ensure good communication and an excellent standard of care.

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