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E-Freeze is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial that compares fresh embryo transfer with frozen and thawed embryo transfer for couples undergoing their first, second or third round of fertility treatment. The main aim of E-Freeze is to understand if there is any difference in the chance of having a healthy baby.

Some studies suggest that using frozen and thawed embryos may lead to improved pregnancy rates. This is because when frozen embryos are used, this allows time for the excess hormones of ovarian stimulation to wear off and for the uterus to return to its natural state. E-Freeze will compare these two types of embryo transfer in 1,086 couples.

This is a UK wide trial, and TFP Oxford Fertility is one of 14 sites, along with TFP Nurture Fertility.


Ginny Mounce
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford


Start date: August 2015
Delivery date: July 2019


Dr Abha Maheshwari
University of Aberdeen, Chief Investigator

Christina Cole, (National E-Freeze Trial Coordinator)
NPEU Clinical Trials Unit,

Prof. Tim Child
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford

Dr Ginny Mounce
University of Oxford, Dept Women’s & Reproductive Health

Jo Craig
Oxford Fertility

Caroline Ross
Oxford Fertility

Aysha Bevan
Oxford Fertility

Nikki Turner
Oxford Fertility

Annette Tullett
Oxford Fertility

Dr Karen Turner
Oxford Fertility

- Dr Abha Maheshwari, Chief Investigator E-Freeze Trial, University of Aberdeen -

Without more research, we cannot say if fresh or frozen and thawed embryo transfer is better for fertility treatment.

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