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Your fertility journey will be full of questions: medical terms you may not understand, different ways of getting treatment, things you can do to prepare yourself for treatment or simply understanding who you should choose to help you on that journey.

At TFP we believe that partnerships make us stronger. For this reason, TFP has teamed up with IVF Babble and Hormone Health, the LGBT Mummies Tribe and many more, to offer exclusive support to all of our patients.



Fertility counselling allows you to explore your emotions surrounding fertiliy. As experts in fertility, we know that talking through your concerns with a trained and qualified professional can help you cope, make the best choices for you, and feel in control again.


IVF Babble & Hormone Health

Partnerships make us stronger. For this reason, TFP has teamed up with IVF Babble and Hormone Health to offer exclusive support to all of our patients.

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The LGBT mummies tribe

We are delighted to announce that we are working with the LGBT Mummies Tribe as a clinic partner, to help support their aim of providing information and support to the LGBT+ community, on the available routes to starting a family.

TFP teams up with the LGBT Mummies tribe

Free fertility yoga

TFP want to do our best to support and help you during this time: from being advocates for people suffering with infertility at a public level, to providing a little human help to you on your fertility journey. To support you in the latter, we are pleased to be offering free online yoga classes.

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TFP Simply Fertility

NHS dietician

At TFP Simply Fertility we work with Alex Ballard, an NHS dietician with an interest in fertility, in order to assist our patients who would like help with their diet and nutrition. Alex is offering video call consultations for patients. She specialises in pre-conception nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, PCOS, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and IBS. Alex also advises patients on the use of nutritional and dietary supplements.

TFP Nurture Fertility

Fertility network UK patient support group

As well as making connections and finding support, this group also provides opportunities to receive information with guest speakers answering your questions.

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TFP Oxford Fertility

Fertility mindfulness programme

We’re all human; it can be hard to air your feelings. But it can make all the difference to know others are going through the same things you are. The fertility mindfulness programme is a six-week course that connects couples undergoing fertility treatment at TFP Oxford Fertility.

Psychologische Aspekte der Kinderwunschbehandlung
TFP Thames Valley Fertility

Nutritional support

There are a number of common causes of infertility due to genetic or medical conditions but research has also shown that dietary and lifestyle factors may have an effect on a couple’s ability to conceive too.

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TFP Thames Valley Fertility

The natural fertility clinic

Here at TFP we fully appreciate how stressful and daunting your fertility journey can be. That’s why we have incorporated stress management techniques into our services to elevate the additional tension that fertility treatment can add to everyday life. We are delighted to be working with The Natural Fertility Clinic based in Wokingham to be able to offer non medical, holistic therapy treatments.

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TFP Simply Fertility

Stress reduction with acupuncture

It’s only natural for couples undergoing fertility treatment to feel a little anxious about their fertility journey, the status quo and what lies ahead. Recognising the benefits of relaxation for their patients, TFP Simply Fertility works closely with Chelmsford acupuncturist Mark Riley, who has been treating women during their IVF cycles for 14 years.

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For both men and women, a higher or a very low BMI can impact fertility. To qualify as a private fertility patient, your BMI should be no more than 35 and no more than 30, to be accepted as an NHS funded fertility patient.

A higher BMI can impact hormonal imbalances, pregnancy risks and the amount of drugs needed for fertility treatments, in females and sperm numbers in males.

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