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Jan 11, 2024

How to choose the best fertility clinic for you

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If you’re feeling lost trying to choose the perfect fertility clinic, then this guide is for you.

Our fertility experts explain what to focus on when considering where to have private fertility treatment, and why.

  • How to budget wisely and factor this into your choice

  • What the different success rates mean

  • Who HFEA are and why they’re worth listening to

1. Pick a clinic nearby

You might be willing to travel to the moon and back to become a parent.

And so it can be tempting to look for the best fertility clinic in the UK and figure out the logistics later.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to travel back and forth to the clinic multiple times, sometimes for last-minute appointments.

Choosing a nearby clinic can make a big difference in reducing stress and burnout during your fertility treatment.

At TFP Fertility, we have clinics across the UK and offer assessments, tests and scans at smaller satellite clinics that are even closer to you.

2. Budget for repeat treatment

Budget for a scenario where you need repeat treatments and choose a clinic where you can afford to do that.

(If you’re not sure yet what treatment you’ll need, then that’s what a fertility assessment can tell you.)

Hopefully you’ll be successful the first time around, but it’s best to budget for putting plan B into action.

Take IVF as an example - your overall chance of success increases with each cycle.

Choose a clinic where you can comfortably have multiple cycles of IVF, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Remember, the most expensive fertility clinic isn’t necessarily the best. Inspection ratings, patient ratings and success rates are better measures of the service than price.

And it definitely won’t be the best clinic for you if their costs limit your options for trying again.

See our breakdown of the average treatment scenario and costs for IVF.


3. Compare HFEA inspection ratings

 The HFEA is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.

Bit of a mouthful!

They independently regulate fertility treatment in the UK.

This means there’s no financial incentive or conflict of interest.

They monitor and review fertility clinics in line with legislation and best practices.

They visit fertility clinics every two years for a thorough inspection of their services and facilities.

This includes whether a clinic:

  • Stores eggs and sperm safely

  • Maintains and updates their equipment to be safe and effective

  • Has suitably trained and qualified staff

A five-star rating means a fertility clinic performs to the highest possible standard, across the board.

You can see HFEA inspection ratings for our clinics. All our clinics have 5 stars.

Woman laughing and holding her daughter while talking to a nurse

Get to know us at an open evening

We offer free fertility events, online and at our clinics. It’s a chance to meet our team, have your questions answered by fertility experts, and get a feel for our clinics.

4. Understand the success rates  

Clinic success rates are usually talking about IVF success rates, but they can be for other treatments too.

They’re given as percentages. A higher number means more people were successful after treatment.

They may be given as pregnancies or live births, and per cycle or per embryo transfer.

The main thing to check is whether a clinic’s outcomes are similar to the national averages.

There’s no need to focus on small differences in success rates between clinics, as this can be due to the average age and health of patients visiting the clinic or even just by chance.

You can find success rates for all our clinics on the HFEA website.

We also provide a breakdown of our most recent IVF success rates for each TFP Fertility clinic on our website.

5. Check patient ratings and testimonials

Patient ratings and testimonials are the best way to get a feel for a fertility clinic.

Not just whether the treatment worked – but how kind and caring the staff were, the ease and availability of service, and how other people felt about their experience.

If you’re looking for an impartial and trustworthy place to find patient ratings, the HFEA website is the place to go.

You can see patient ratings for all our clinics on the HFEA website.

You can also see reviews and feedback through Google and Trustpilot.

For a more personal insight into our services, we share people’s real fertility stories and testimonials.

This gives a flavour of the care you receive at TFP Fertility – but is also a real eye-opener for what it’s like to go through fertility treatment.

The ups, downs, and everything in between.


6. Make sure they offer counselling 

You deserve complete support during your fertility journey.

There should be expert counselling services in place to help you navigate your treatment.

These specialist counselling services should be tailored to you – the treatment you’re having, whether you’re a couple or individual, being LGBTQ+, or anything else that’s important to your journey.

This includes:

  • Dealing with the emotional and physical side of fertility

  • Making plans for if treatment does or doesn’t work

  • Considering the ethical and practical side of using donor eggs or sperm

Find out what counselling the fertility clinic offers, including how many sessions you can have and when.


What else to ask?

Once you’ve found a clinic that ticks all the right boxes, it’s worth getting in touch.

Even better, visit them if you can.

Here are some things to think about when choosing:

  • Is everything about the treatment clearly explained?

  • Am I comfortable asking questions at any time?

  • Are the staff welcoming and compassionate?

  • Do they understand my needs?

  • Will treatment be tailored to me? This is very important for example, for same-sex couples, single parents, and anyone who’s had a poor experience before

  • Are there transparent pricing and payment options?

  • Is it easy to get to with free parking?

At our clinics, we’re able to offer all these and more, including:

  • Short waiting times to start treatment

  • Specialist fertility counselling and access to additional therapies


Find a TFP Fertility clinic near you.

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