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Other treatment journeys

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There are many ways we can help you to start or grow a family. What you need will depend on your individual situation; it could be fertility preservation, egg freezing, support with donor treatments, or embarking on a natural cycle to try to have a child. Whatever your journey, these are a few key stages that apply to everyone who comes to the clinic for treatment.

1. Referrals

Your referral may come from your GP or hospital doctor, or you can self-refer. Learn more about the referral process.

2. Pre-treatment

Preliminary fertility assessment tests and screening

To make the best decision about your treatment in the consultation, your doctor needs the results of some tests. There may be a combination of blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound scan to assess your ovaries, and a semen assessment where appropriate. Learn more about TFP fertility assessment packages.

Initial consultation

At your first consultation with a TFP fertility specialist, they will cover your medical history and explain your test results. You and your doctor will then discuss their recommended programme of treatment based on your personal results and circumstances.

3. Counselling

Counselling is available at any stage of your treatment pathway. Fertility treatment is a significant emotional journey for all patients, and counselling provides extra emotional support.

It is completely confidential. If you are going to be using donated eggs or sperm for your treatment, then you’ll be recommended to see the counsellor before starting treatment to discuss the implications for both you and any children that may be born. Learn more about fertility counselling.

4. Treatment planning appointment

At your treatment planning appointment one of our specialist fertility nurses will explain your treatment in full. You will be taken through your regime of drugs and shown how to use them.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding your forthcoming treatment. It’s also the time when you officially consent to undergo fertility treatment, and we go over the legal side of things.

This is an important part of the process which ensures that your parenthood will be recognised legally after treatment. We require that everyone involved in the treatment comes to the treatment planning appointment. It generally takes 60 minutes. We use an online consent platform where you will be able to watch videos prior to electronically signing your consent. If you are funding your own treatment, you will need to pay for your treatment programme at this point. Once all the tests, consent forms and payment are completed, you are ready to start your IVF cycle. Learn more about the treatment planning appointment

5. Treatment

Your treatment plan, as mapped out by your consultant, can now begin. Learn more about the typical stages of an IVF journey.

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