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Fertility tests for couples

If you and your partner have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for 12 months or longer, we recommend having some fertility tests done to help identify the cause of your struggles.

Equally, if you or your partner are considering trying to have children later in life, having some fertility tests done early on can help you better understand your reproductive health and enable you to make informed decisions that may improve your chances of successfully falling pregnant when the time is right for you.

You need to have completed a fertility assessment before you can start fertility treatment.

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How do couple's fertility tests work?

We offer fertility tests for couples at all our TFP Fertility clinics, with various packages designed to suit your personal circumstances.  

You don’t need to have seen a GP or have been referred to book an assessment with us. It takes just one or two visits to our clinic to complete all the necessary investigations and have a consultation with one of our specialists.  

We’ll ask each of you to complete a medical questionnaire to determine the fertility tests we carry out on you and your partner.


For same-sex couples, one or both of you can be assessed.  

Most importantly, after your fertility test, you’ll be given the appropriate advice and have the chance to ask questions about potential next steps.  

What is checked?

The right tests for you will depend on your personal circumstances and health struggles. That’s why we use a variety of fertility assessments to identify what may be causing your fertility trouble. 

For females these include: 

AMH blood test

The AMH blood test assesses your ovarian reserve by checking your levels of the anti-Mullerian hormone, a hormone produced by cells in the ovary.

AFC trans-vaginal scan

The AFC scan is a pelvic ultrasound examination to assess your uterus and check for any abnormalities. It will also determine your antral follicle count (AFC). It’s important to know that your AFC declines as you age.

Learn more about fertility tests for women.  

For men, the most common fertility test is a semen analysis. This will help us determine if there are any abnormalities in your sperm that may affect your chances of a successful pregnancy.  

In addition to the sample’s volume and pH, the semen analysis also assesses: 

Sperm density

This is the number of sperm you have in your ejaculate.

Sperm motility

This is your sperm's ability to swim. If your sperm has poor motility, this means that they do not swim well and will therefore struggle to reach the egg on their own.

Sperm morphology

This is the size and shape of the sperm.

We usually only require a single sample, however, we may ask for it to be repeated to double-check anything that looks abnormal.

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What can we expect from the fertility tests process?

Where possible, we’ll try and book you and your partner in to have your fertility tests done at the same time.

We’ll then book you in for a consultation the following week where we’ll talk you through your results and recommend and explain any treatment options for you to consider. 

Of course, there is no obligation to go ahead with treatment following your consultation.

How accurate are fertility tests?

For females: 

Together, the AMH blood test and ultrasound scan tests provide an accurate measure of your fertility and your likely response to any medication if treatment is needed.  

For males: 

The average sperm count is between 40 million and 300 million sperm per milliliter. Using the semen analysis (or sperm count), our specialists can give a strong indication of the health and viability of your sperm against these averages and any likely infertility.  

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Book a fertility assessment

Our fertility assessment package is a great first step on your fertility journey. As well as a personal consultation, you’ll get a series of fertility tests and scans. This is an important moment in your fertility journey and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

How much do couple's fertility tests cost?

At TFP Fertility, we offer a comprehensive fertility assessment package for £565. This includes the AMH blood test, ultrasound scan, semen analysis and initial consultation.  

We also offer this for same-sex female couples and includes the AMH blood test and ultrasound scan for each partner as well as the consultation.  

Visit your local TFP Fertility clinic page for more information on our pricing, treatment packages and payment options available.  


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