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AFC scan

The AFC (antral follicle count) trans-vaginal scan is one of the fertility tests for women we carry out here at TFP Fertility to help us assess your reproductive health.

If you’ve been struggling to conceive or wish to learn about the best options for you if you want to try and conceive later on, the AFC scan can provide the answers you need.

You need to have completed a fertility assessment, including the AFC scan, before you can start fertility treatment.

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What is an AFC scan?

The AFC scan is a pelvic ultrasound used to count the number of antral follicles inside the ovaries, each of which contains an egg.  

The scan is also used to examine your uterus to check for any abnormalities that may affect your fertility as well as your ovaries and their volume.  

Ovaries tend to decrease in size in the time before menopause and smaller ovaries have been linked to a poor response to the stimulating drugs used in fertility treatment.  

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Why is an AFC scan useful?

Like the AMH blood test, the AFC scan is a good marker of your fertility as the antral follicle count helps to estimate your ovarian reserve (egg supply).  

By estimating your ovarian reserve, we can predict how many eggs we might collect during fertility treatment as well as your likely response to the stimulating drugs used.  

It’s important to know that your ovarian antral follicle count (AFC) declines as you age.  

When should an AFC scan be carried out?

We recommend that the AFC scan should be done at the beginning of your menstrual cycle during the early follicular phase.

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Our fertility assessment package is a great first step on your fertility journey. As well as a personal consultation, you’ll get a series of fertility tests and scans. This is an important moment in your fertility journey and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

How much does an AFC scan cost?

The cost of the AFC scan is £180.  

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