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1 in 7 couples experience difficulties getting pregnant̨ - that's almost 1.5 million people in Poland. If something is limiting your ability to conceive a child spontaneously, come see us. Diagnosis of infertility always begins with basic examinations. We check whether the body of both women and men produce reproductive cells and whether there are no anatomical or hormonal disorders that limit fertility.


At TFP clinics, we are with you well before the medical issue of infertility arises. Your health is important to us, so know that you will have basic tests done with us each day to determine your individual fertility potential.

If anything is causing you concern, we invite you to come in for a medical consultation. Because infertility can affect both partners, it is imperative that diagnostic testing be performed on the two of you. We will begin with a medical history and review the medical records you have provided. Based on the interview and test results, our qualified fertility doctor will tailor an individual treatment plan for each couple.

At the TFP clinic of your choice, all examinations, including imaging techniques, will be performed in one place, and you will be able to view the results conveniently - via the Patient Portal - without leaving your home.

Fertility assessment

When planning for future parenthood, many people wonder if their fertility is limited. To put your mind at ease or to support your natural potential, a professional fertility evaluation can help. Most of the tests we offer as part of our fertility assessment packages for women, men and couples involve just one or two clinic visits.

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Determination of AMH level

Determining AMH levels helps determine a woman's ovarian reserve. By doing the test in a clinic with an experienced team, you will immediately know the results and what they mean in the timeline of your fertility.


Semen analysis

Fertility is not just a female issue: 50% of the failures in efforts to have offspring are caused by a male factor. A basic semen test is a first and necessary step in evaluating male fertility. Based on the results, the doctor can direct the couple's treatment, as well as order further, expanded semen tests that will give a more complete picture of the patient's clinical situation. At TFP, we perform a comprehensive semen analysis that includes all of the most relevant tests.

Examination of sperm

Laboratory tests

In our centres, we will perform a number of basic and specialized tests, the results of which will help determine the causes of problems with pregnancy. These include: hormonal, immunological, genetic, and bacteriological tests, among many others.

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Gynecological ultrasound examination

Transvaginal ultrasound is performed to assess the shape, size and structure of the uterus and endometrium, the mucous membrane lining the uterine cavity. It also allows assessment of the location, size and activity of the ovaries. In the course of pharmacological stimulation of ovaries used in the procedures of assisted fertilization, ultrasound enables assessment of the preparation of the woman's body for the in vitro procedure.

Ultrasound diagnosis


Hysterosalpingosonography is an ultrasound test to assess fertility by examining the fallopian tubes and other organs in the pelvic cavity. The test is safe, convenient and is low risk.



Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows you to see inside the uterus under magnification. It is performed using a hysteroscope, which is a narrow tube with a light and a camera on the end. Images from the camera are displayed on a monitor, allowing the doctor to see the inside of the patient's uterus in detail. The test allows us to assess changes in the endometrium and inside the uterine cavity and determine possible next steps in medical management.

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Genetic testing

Genetic testing is designed to find out the cause of problems with getting or keeping a pregnancy. We perform them in couples who have recurrent pregnancy loss, have problems with unexplained causes of infertility, with male factor infertility and in those in whom pregnancy does not occur after even IVF treatment several times.

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