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Examination of the fallopian tubes

At TFP, we are with you well before the medical issue of infertility arises. Your health and informed fertility care and preservation is important to us. Together, we can make your path to parenthood much easier.

When planning for future parenthood, many couples wonder if they will be able to have children. Sometimes, without even forming a relationship, we wonder if there is anything preventing us from someday being able to become parents freely, without restrictions.

Take a mindful approach to taking care of your fertility: learn about it through research and nurture it every day through knowledge and good habits. You have a great influence on your reproductive health: use it to enjoy future happiness. Assess your fertility potential by going through simple professional tests. You can do them independently or take advantage of packages that guarantee you a lower price for the whole thing. In our clinics, we offer packages for a woman, a man or a couple.

Easily check if you can be a mom and dad. Fertility evaluation is up to 2 visits at our TFP center. You will get immediate access to your results by joining the Patient Portal. It will also put you in touch with the front desk without leaving your home, and give you unlimited access to documents related to any therapy conducted at our facility.

Test results and a conversation with a specialist will give you an idea of your current reproductive potential and how it is estimated to change in the context of your plans for parenthood.

Choose where you want your fertility tested, and we'll show you exactly what's included in the cost-effective fertility evaluation package we offer you:


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