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Psychological support

Psychologische Aspekte der Kinderwunschbehandlung

Human health is a multidimensional phenomenon, encompassing both physical and mental functioning. In our clinics, you will find help focused on improving your life in terms of mental, sexual, emotional, social and behavioural functions.

We provide counselling, consultation and psychotherapy in the following areas: difficulties associated with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, sexual disorders with psychological basis, problems with defining sexual identity, crisis or doubt in the diagnosis and treatment of somatic diseases, as well as emotional difficulties and doubts in the course of diseases and surgery. We comprehensively support individuals and couples in difficult life situations.

Psychological support

Sexuality and intimacy

Sexuality is a very important area of human functioning. Sometimes it can be disturbed by psychological and physiological problems.

Any disorders of this sphere have a negative impact on our quality of functioning and well-being. In such a situation it is worth considering a psychological consultation.

At TFP, we offer help geared towards those experiencing crisis and issues regarding their sexuality or intimacy. If you feel you need to talk, please contact us.

Assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility

Parenthood can be a very important factor in a person's self-realization, so difficulties in achieving procreative success can cause psychological problems. Diagnosis and long-term treatment cause severe stress and arouse negative emotions.

Couples then often need support - a conversation, consultation or active search for solutions. Women feel the most pressure, so they often need additional support.

Meeting with a psychologist is also recommended for participants in the Oocyte Donation Program. Free counseling is provided for women who are considering donating ova to another couple.

Individual therapy

The aim of individual therapy is to try to solve a problem or conflict within the patient and to work in-depth on the overall functioning of the patient's mental health. Psychotherapy can be carried out in the following forms:

  • Short-term psychotherapy - Where the focus of therapy work is on specific aspects of life and difficulties arising on their level. The goal is to actively search for solutions to the specific problem. Meetings with the psychologist are held several or more times.

  • Long-term psychotherapy - For learning about and understanding one's own mental health. The patient learns to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, begins to understand their own reactions and behaviours, and makes informed choices in life. This type of therapy enables a permanent change in character and ways of functioning. The end of therapy occurs when both parties recognize that the expected changes have already occurred.

Couples therapy

Couples psychotherapy allows you to help the relationship between partners. While the psychologist's support may address a specific conflict or problem, it is especially important to improve mutual communication, work to understand each other's perspective, and strengthen the bond to deepen the relationship.

Couples therapy is for people who are in an ongoing relationship. Both partners who are having difficulty resolving an ongoing crisis are invited to a couples consultation.


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