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An international group of fertility clinics and fully accredited IVF specialists.

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We provide industry-leading expertise, care and compassion. That's what has made us market leaders across Europe for 35 years, and counting.

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TFP's network of fertility clinics provides a variety of options to help you grow your family. We combine the knowledge of specialists from 26 infertility treatment centres, including the full successful history of our Polish clinics in Kraków and Szczecin. Our European connections within the TFP organisation guarantee access to modern therapeutic methods that can help you become a parent.


At the forefront of fertility since '79

But we're not done yet. We're always looking for new research, methods, and ways of improving care for our patients.


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During our three+ decades of service, we've achieved many world firsts. Our teams are leaders in their fields, and everything they do is for you and your family.

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Benefit from our knowledge! Find information about therapy, read guides to difficult issues, get helpful tips gathered in one place and check out our resources to help you clear up any doubts.

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Leading the way

See some of the highlights of our 35+ years serving fertility patients. We're excited to see what we'll achieve next.

  • 1978

    Louise Brown Baby

    Louise Joy Brown

    The world‘s first baby to be

    conceived via in vitro fertilization

    was born in England

  • 1987

    A lab


    Polish doctors managed to repeat this success and Magda – the first Polish baby conceived through IVF – was born

  • 1990

    ivf equipment

    1ST PGD

    TFP Group Clinic has the world first PGD pregnancy

  • 1991

    A lab

    The first clinics of The Fertility Partnership begin to open in the British Isles

  • 2003

    TFP Fertility Macierzynstwo

    Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo started its activity in Kraków

  • 2007

    Pregnant ladies doing yoga


    TFP Fertiltiy Vitrolive started its medical activity as Centrum Ginekologii i Leczenia

    Niepłodności Vitrolive in Szczecin.

  • 2008

    A lab


    Vitrolive was ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The first baby of Vitrolive was also born.

  • 2014

    A lab

    Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo

    The first Polish clinic entered Northern Europe’s leading fertility group – The Fertility Partnership

  • 2014

    A lab

    1st kisspeptin baby

    TFP Group Clinic has the world first IVF baby using Kisspeptin

  • 2015

    A lab

    The infertility act was introduced

    Poland’s parliament passed a bill stipulating the conditions for offering in vitro fertilization. The introduction of

    preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) was introduced in Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo

  • 2016

    An ultrasound

    Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo and Vitrolive obtained the accreditation of the Ministry of Health to perform in vitro procedures.

  • 2018

    A lab

    Vitrolive joined The Fertility Partnership to become the second Polish clinic within the international network.

    Prof. Rafał Kurzawa becomes the Medical Director of The Fertility Partnership Polska.

    Treatment effectiveness offered by Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo exceeded 45% per embryo transfer

  • 2019

    Main logo


    Vivaneo & The Fertility Partnership merge to create TFP – a trusted and caring partner that makes every fertility journey unique and individual.

    Implementation of the RI Witness and time-lapse systems as a standard in every treatment cycle offered by the Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo clinic.

  • 2020

    Kinderwunsch Erfahrung Paare Kind Baby Eltern


    Over 98% of our patients in Macierzyństwo

    would recommend the clinic to others (average note received: 9.33 on the 1–10 scale).

  • 2021


    TFP gains new members

    Macierzyństwo and Vitrolive get the new TFP Fertility look. The excellent care stays the same!

    Introduction of RI Witness to TFP Fertility Vitrolive as a standard in each treatment cycle.

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- Bozena and Christopher -

The most beautiful thank you in the world for a wonderful son for whom we have waited a very, very long time...

(Translated from Polish)


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