Burton satellite clinic

Our Burton satellite is staffed by highly experienced nurses and doctors, all of whom also work at TFP Nurture Fertility, ensuring good communication and an excellent standard of care.

Burton Satellite Clinic

Where is the satellite clinic?

You can find Burton Satellite Clinic at:

Unit 1

Barberry Court

Centrum 100 Business Park

Burton upon Trent

Stafford DE14 2UE

Please note, the phone lines at Burton are open from 08:30-16:00 Monday-Friday.

Clinic schedule: from 7:30 to 16.00 Monday-Friday

Who can use the satellite clinic?

The Burton satellite service is available to all patients, both NHS and self-funding, undergoing fresh IVF, frozen embryo replacement cycles, intra-uterine insemination and donor insemination.

What appointments can take place at the satellite?

  • Pre-treatment scans

  • Blood tests

  • Initial and review consultations

  • Consent appointments including drug demonstrations

  • Monitoring scans throughout treatment

  • Pregnancy viability scans

How will using the satellite affect my treatment?

Appointments are conducted in line with TFP Nurture Fertility protocols and all scan and blood test results are sent to the main unit, ensuring your chances of success are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in our Burton satellite unit or at TFP Nurture Fertility, our main clinic in Nottingham.

Who will I see?

All TFP Nurture Fertility satellite clinics are staffed by highly experienced nurses and doctors who work very closely with the staff at Burton to ensure good communication and an excellent standard of care.

Success rates at TFP Nurture Fertility

HFEA latest success results fresh IVF/ICSI

Please note, information on success rates is of limited value in comparing centres and choosing where to seek treatment. Please visit the HFEA to find further advice on choosing a clinic.

The data below has been sourced through the HFEA 'Choose a Fertility Clinic' function.

Our success rates are broken down by female age and treatment type. They are updated regularly so that you can compare them to national benchmarks and other clinics.


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