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Latest HFEA results confirm TFP Nurture Fertility is in the top 3 highest performing clinics in the UK for live birth rates

The HFEA has changed the way they present their data and now include births per embryo transferred because fertility professionals agree this is the best measure of a clinic's success.

Why is the birth rate more important than the pregnancy rate?

It is important to understand that a clinic's birth rate is the only true measure of its success. Many clinics publish their pregnancy rates but sadly not all pregnancies lead to a birth because of miscarriage or other unforeseen circumstances.

Success rates play a major part in helping many patients choose which clinic to attend. TFP Nurture Fertility is delighted that we are one of the top-performing clinics in the UK, and we consistently deliver excellent success rates across the different age groups.

We strongly encourage all patients to review success rates before choosing their clinic.


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