Costs for fertility treatment


In addition to the many questions regarding the various treatments available as part of fertility therapy that arise for most couples wanting to have a baby, the majority of them are also, naturally, intensely concerned with the costs of the IVF treatment. How much does a fertility treatment cost exactly? Can costs be co-financed and, if so, by whom and by how much?

Full pricelist

It is important to everyone at TFP Nurture Fertility that you are fully informed about the fees you will be required to pay for your appointments, investigations and treatment so we hope you find our price list easy to follow and comprehensive.

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Refund and Multi-Cycle packages

We know that the cost of fertility treatment can be an added concern at a time that can be challenging already. We’ve partnered with Access Fertility to offer innovative IVF programmes, to help ease that part of your journey.

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Example price scenarios

Understanding the potential costs involved in your treatment can be very difficult. We have therefore put together some example prices to act as a guide.


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