Nigel Denby

Associate, Dietician

Nigel Denby

Specialist in

Weight management

Women’s health

Irritable bowel syndrome


Nigel Denby is a registered dietitian, author of ten successful nutrition books and a broadcaster across television and radio both in the UK and Europe. Dietitian of the Year 2013, Nigel is the author of The Denby Report – the leading and authoritative review of nutritional subjects.

Nigel is registered with the Health Professions Council and Nutrition advisor to Women’s Health Concern – and as well as his areas of speciality, he also works with patients in the dietary management of chronic and acute medical conditions including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a wide range of digestive and endocrine disorders.

You’ll work with Nigel to develop your programme built around your lifestyle. You’ll decide how you want to be supported throughout your programme. You can combine face-to-face meetings, email, text, telephone and Skype support.


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