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Endometrial scratch trial

The endometrial scratch trial is a randomised controlled trial aiming to assess the effectiveness of local endometrial trauma (also known as “endometrial scratch”) on in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

The use of endometrial scratch has not yet been fully tested in women who are about to have IVF/ICSI for the first time, but similar trials have used the same technique in women undergoing IVF/ICSI for the second or subsequent time, with beneficial results.

1044 women will be recruited across the UK to be randomised to either receive the endometrial scratch intervention followed by “usual” IVF, or to just receive “usual” IVF. The pregnancy rates in each group will be analysed to assess if the endometrial scratch has a positive effect.

This is a UK wide trial. TFP Oxford Fertility is one of 16 sites, along with TFP Nurture Fertility.


Ginny Mounce
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford


Start date: July 2016
Delivery date: December 2018


Robin Chatters
National Trial Manager,

Clare Pye
Lead Research Nurse,

Prof. Tim Child
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford

Dr Ginny Mounce
University of Oxford, Dept Women’s & Reproductive Health

Dr Charles Muteshi
Oxford Fertility/University of Oxford

Annette Tullett
Oxford Fertility

Nikki Turner
Oxford Fertility

Caroline Ross
Oxford Fertility

- Mr Mostafa Metwally, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Chief Investigator) -

If found to be beneficial, then it could be used to improve the chance of achieving a pregnancy for a large group of women without the need for repeated IVF attempts

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