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Funding fertility treatment

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We are very aware that IVF and its associated treatments can be very costly. At TFP we always ensure that you are fully aware of the costs prior to commencing treatment.

We have linked with Access Fertility to provide a number of financial packages to relieve the stress of funding. In addition there is the option of free IVF through our egg sharing program.

Multi-cycle packages

The Access Fertility IVF Multi-Cycle Programme offers up to 2 cycles for a significantly discounted fixed fee. By pre-paying for up to 2 IVF cycle you can ease the stress of deciding how to proceed if your first IVF cycle is unsuccessful.

Money-back guarantee packages

Access Fertility programmes offer you multiple IVF cycles at a significant discount, with the added security of a money-back guarantee if you are unsuccessful. It also provides you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you have a plan in place to help you achieve your dream.

Contacting Access Fertility

You can contact Access Fertility by calling +44 1865 80 1000, or by visiting their website

Egg sharing - Reduced price IVF as compensation

Who can share eggs?

If you need IVF or ICSI you may want to consider donating some of your eggs in order to help others have the chance of becoming parents.

The cost of your IVF/ICSI cycle would be covered by compensation. You would only be required to pay for your medication and your partner's screening tests if you decide to donate eggs.

You need to be 36 years old or under and be fit and healthy.  Your BMI needs to be 30 or lower.

Donating eggs is not for everyone, but it is an amazing thing to do. You would not have any parental, financial or legal responsibility for any child you help another couple create. You could be contacted by any children born as a result of your donation when they reach the age of 18.

If you are considering egg sharing, please talk to a member of our team for further information.

Self-funding IVF treatment

We understand that IVF treatment costs can be very confusing, and that is why we always take the time to explain your individualised treatment costs in detail. There will never be any hidden costs.

If you want more information on costs please visit our clinic websites.


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