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Beverley and Matthew’s story

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- Beverley -

If I ever had any questions or was feeling a bit down, Boston Place staff were always there and really supportive” 

In the summer of 2015 Matthew and Beverley faced two unknowns – how Matthew’s diagnosed kidney condition would progress and whether or not they could start a family. Today, Matthew has had a successful kidney transplant and the couple are the proud parents of twins, Emma and Joey.

“We had decided to get our fertility tested before Matthew started dialysis because we were thinking about trying for a baby, but didn’t expect the result which showed we would need help to start a family,” recounts Beverley.

As a consequence, Beverley underwent egg harvesting treatment in January 2016 at Boston Place – an off-site service offered by their local fertility clinic based in Essex. “I felt very nervous, concerned that the treatment wouldn’t work… just as everyone does, I guess,” explains Beverley of her emotional state at the time. “It feels like the decision to become a family is taken away and control is in someone else’s hands.”

Their first attempt at IVF, via fresh embryo transfer, was unsuccessful. However the couple decided to try again. This time they opted to be patients of Boston Place directly using frozen embryos from the original treatment.

“We really loved Boston Place – all the staff are amazing and we just wanted to do everything through them second time around, with everything under one roof,” says Beverley. “They went through all the different treatment options and explained the success rates to us. The most suitable for our situation was ICSI.”

“I was 35 when I had the treatment, but I had a high egg count and 14 top quality embryos were frozen. The first time around I was doubtful that it would work, but the second time I had a really positive mental attitude and was very confident in the clinic and the consultant.”

“Going through IVF is an emotional roller coaster and very stressful and I said to Matthew that I wasn’t sure how many more times I wanted to do it. We decided to have two embryos transferred, and they both took!”

Emma, 5 lb 15 oz, and Joey, 5lb, arrived seven weeks early on 21 September 2017 and, after a short spell in the neo natal unit, went home healthy and happy.

“It’s hard work but we are loving it. Matthew had a transplant in October 2016 and in just a year everything has changed. We couldn’t be happier,” smiles Beverley.

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