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Getting a fertility treatment in Denmark is more easy than you think. In most cases you only need to come here once - for the treatment itself. All the test you need prior the actual treatment can be done at your own doctor or gynecologist.

Since 1999, TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen has helped more than 7,000 babies to come into the world, and we can help you too.  

We look forward to welcoming you.

During the summer holidays (10 July - 7 August) our phones are only staffed from 09:15 to 10:15 on Sundays (8:30 to 15 on weekdays and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays). We check emails until 14:00 for any initial enquiries or urgent questions.

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The journey of fertility treatment in another country

First meeting

If you are living in another country or for other reasons can’t come to our clinic, we can have our first meeting online. The consultation is completely non-binding and is based on your specific situation, any previous fertility treatments and any examinations.

Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete the electronic medical record – the eJournal. If you have any questions about filling in the form, we will of course be happy to help.  


Blood tests and examinations  


Fertility treatment requires some specific tests and examinations before we can start. Some are necessary by law, others are necessary in order to plan the most effective treatment for you. All tests can be taken at the clinic or at your own doctor/gynecologist in your own country. The following tests are necessary at the start:   


  • HIV 1 and 2: Anti-HIV-1/2 

  • Hepatitis B: HBsAg (hepatitis B virus surface antigen) AND Anti-HBc (hepatitis B core antibody) 

  • Hepatitis C: Anti-HCV-Ab 

According to Danish legislation, the above samples must be analysed in a laboratory certified under the Tissue Act (in Copenhagen this is the blood bank at Rigshospitalet). Unfortunately, we are not authorised to treat you if you are infected with HIV, hepatitis B or C.


  • Chlamydia: Inoculation or urine test (must be max 6 months old) 

  • Smear: Screening for cervical cell changes (must be max 3 years old) 

  • AMH (anti-Müller hormone, which tells you about your egg reserve)  

  • TPO and TSH measure your metabolism 

  • Vitamin D 

  • Rubella  

If you have a male partner whose sperm will be used for treatment, he must also have HIV and hepatitis B + C tests (see above).  


The results needs to be sent to us afterwich we agree what the procedure are for your treatment and when you should come to the clinic for treatment.

Recognised team with high professionalism

Our expert team has many years of experience in fertility treatment - including our doctors, embryologists, midwives, nurses and fertility coordinators. Together, we will find the most optimal fertility treatment plan for you. We are here to support you throughout the process and are always available if you have any questions along the way.


Treatment methods that ensure optimal results

TFP Stork Fertility offers insemination, IVF and ICSI treatment. We have great expertise in counselling and donor sperm selection and offer both egg donation and double donation. Our years of experience have led to great success rates and many happy families.


Personalised treatment with reassurance and closeness

At TFP Stork Fertility, there is no waiting time for the first consultation, insemination or IVF treatment. We offer an individualised treatment process with a permanent contact doctor and a high level of professionalism.

Take the first step; we'll help you on your way. We offer a no-obligation consultation at the clinic or via Skype. Our goal is to make sure you feel seen and heard, surrounded by our professional staff and a good atmosphere. We take our time with you and always guarantee you an exclusive treatment. At TFP Stork Fertility, we speak 9 different languages.

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At TFP Stork Fertility, we know that fertility treatment can be demanding. That's why it's important that you feel that you're in good hands.

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If you would like to receive treatment in the clinic, please complete our electronic journal.

The information that you provide for our fertility doctors in the electronic journal is important and enables us to be as prepared as possible for the initial consultation. Therefore, please take your time when completing the journal, so that the information we receive will form the basis of the consultation.

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Want to donate your eggs?

You have the option to donate your eggs to women and couples who cannot use their own eggs. From the age of 18 to 35, you can donate your eggs as an anonymous, open or known egg donor.


Upcoming patient events

When it’s safe to do so, join one of our COVID-compliant and free events to hear more about treatments, meet some of the team and visit the clinics!

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    I am greatly thankful for the opportunity to have a child, even without a partner. It is totally worth every penny and effort put into it. TFP Stork Fertility has been brilliant in meeting my needs in this process. I feel so lucky to be a part of this extended Stork family, and I could not wish for a better treatment or result of it!


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