Medical services

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Consultations and ultrasound examinations

Assisted reproduction procedures

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Diet for fertility

Oocyte and embryo donation

In the case of procedures involving donation (of gametes or embryos), TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo provides the care of a donation coordinator (+48 600 407 740). Within the framework of oocyte donation, we can offer patients two options: an insemination procedure with ova coming from the TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo bank (scenario I) and an insemination procedure with ova coming from a foreign bank with which TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo has established cooperation (scenario II). In both scenarios the procedures are monitored in the RI Witness system and the embryo culture takes place in incubators with a time-lapse system. The costs for both scenarios are as follows:

Pre-implantation diagnosis of PGT embryos (PGS / PGD)

Semen testing

Additional techniques for assisted reproduction procedures

Freezing/vitrification of embryos, ova, sperm, and their storage

Basic examinations & analytical blood tests

Preconception diagnosis: genetic testing

Cytology, mycological, and bacteriological tests

Immunology studies

Fertility assessment

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Hysteroscopic procedures

Other services

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In addition to effective treatment, we also offer psychological counselling to help tame fears and anxieties on the road to parenthood.


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