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Learn about our proprietary, comprehensive treatment programmes. Before you decide on anything, your doctor will discuss the details with you.

Trophektodermbiospie - TOBI

Many of the couples we help value a comprehensive approach to the treatment process and want it to be accompanied by transparent and fixed costs. The treatment programmes that our team has created are the answer to these expectations. Check which one best suits your plans.

Successful in vitro

Effective in vitro programme

The aim of the "Effective IVF" programme is to provide patients with comprehensive care during the entire treatment process while guaranteeing constancy and transparency of costs. We present the course of treatment, its effectiveness and costs in a detailed and reliable way.

The programme includes the full cycle of IVF treatment - from the beginning of stimulation until the use of the last embryo.

The programme consists of:

  • Gynaecological consultation with ultrasound during stimulation (stimulation monitoring)

  • Monitoring of hormone levels (LH, FSH, estradiol, progesterone)

  • Anaesthesiological care during stimulation:

    • Anaesthetic consultation

    • Package of anaesthetic tests

    • Anaesthesia

    • Post-puncture anaesthesia care

  • Virological examinations for HIV, HCV, HBs (by amplification of nucleic acids)

  • Ovarian puncture under anaesthesia

  • IVF/ICSI in vitro fertilisation

  • Embryo culture

  • Supervision of all stages of the in vitro fertilisation procedure by an independent, external electronic system using RFID technology

    • The system makes it possible to identify, track and keep a register of germ cells and embryos, at each stage of the procedure in the embryology laboratory and during transfers, freezing of embryos, their storage and subsequent transfers of thawed embryos

  • Time-lapse incubator culture system

    • All embryos in the laboratory are under the eye of cameras, showing their development minute by minute, without having to be taken out of the incubator to assess cell divisions

    • This system allows for an uninterrupted course of embryonic development and a comprehensive documentation of its stages, which is also recorded on an electronic medium and handed over to patients

  • Embryo transfers of fresh and frozen embryos until the end of the programme (end of the programme defined as the earlier of: confirmed clinical pregnancy after transfer or use of the last embryo of this treatment cycle)

Programme effectiveness: 57,1%

Effectiveness per treatment cycle 2017/2018 - Clinical pregnancies

What have we not included in the programme?

  • Examinations and consultations necessary for qualification for the in vitro procedure and in preparation for embryo transfers

  • Medication for stimulation, preparation for embryo transfer, luteal phase supplementation

  • Freezing and storage of embryos for the first year after freezing

  • Possible egg freezing

  • Additional techniques in the IVF procedure, which may in some situations increase the success of the procedure, but are not essential:

    • IMSI

    • Assisted Hatching

    • EmbryoGlue

  • Costs of storing embryos beyond the first year

Price - 10.750 PLN

Guarantee of reimbursement of part of the programme fee in case of lack of embryo transfer

In case there are no embryos available for at least one embryo transfer (no oocytes, no mature oocytes for fertilisation, no fertilised cells, no embryos with proper development potential), patients are entitled to a refund of part of the programme fee of 3.600 PLN.

Embryo adoption

Our chance - Embryo adoption programme

The aim of the programme is to provide comprehensive care to couples who have decided to adopt embryos.

The programme consists of:

  • Gynaecological consultations with ultrasound

  • Monitoring of hormone levels (oestradiol, progesterone, HCG) from the beginning of the cycle until the end of the programme (embryo transfer)

  • Psychological care during the whole process

  • Phenotypic selection, thawing and use of embryos donated for adoption from the TFP Fertility Macierzyństwo bank in accordance with the requirements of the Act of 25 June 2015 on the treatment of infertility (Journal of Laws of 31 July 2015, item 1087) and the Regulations of the Minister of Health issued to the aforementioned Act

  • Assisted Hatching (AH)

  • EmbryoGlue

  • Embryo transfer of the embryo(s)

  • Verification of HCG levels after embryo transfer

What have we not included in the programme?

  • Examinations and consultations necessary for qualification for the procedure

  • Medication in preparation for the embryo transfer, luteal phase supplementation

Price - 4.900 PLN


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