Kevin McEleny

BSC, BM, FRCS (ENG), FRCD (UROL), PHD Consultant urologist / andrologist

Kevin Mceleny

Specialist in


Male infertility

Doctors wearing masks, woman with sunflower, stethoscope and heart

Mr. McEleny has worked as a consultant urologist in Newcastle-upon-Tyne since 2009 and has set up a supra-regional Male Fertility Service across the north of England and Northern Ireland. This provides advanced surgical treatments for couples who have significant male factor fertility problems.

He is the Andrology Representative for the British Fertility Society (BFS) and is involved nationally in male fertility training. Mr. McEleny's research interests include genetic, clinical and psycho-social aspects of male fertility. He and his team have presented their research nationally and internationally, and he has published a number of scientific articles and review papers pertaining to male fertility.

Mr. McEleny brings to TFP Belfast Fertility a wealth of experience in the advanced management of male infertility, establishing the first Micro-TESE service in Northern Ireland. This technique, which is offered in only a few centres throughout the UK, offers the potential for biological paternity to men with severe male factor infertility.


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