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Free fertility yoga

Women holding yoga mats

TFP want to do our best to support and help you during this time, from being advocates for people suffering with infertility at a public level, to providing a little human help to you on your fertility journey. And to support you in the latter, we are pleased to be offering free online fertility yoga classes.

Why yoga?

Yoga is low impact, designed to help you relax, and eases stress, which is really important to help keep your mental and physical balance.

It’s good to get into the habit of exercise to keep your body ready for treatment, and if you continue when you have your cycles, some studies have shown yoga may improve outcomes for women doing fertility programmes, so it’s positive all round.

Our classes

Our yoga lessons have been specifically tailored for TFP. They are taught by Julie Bolitho, who has over 16 years’ experience and practices Kripalu yoga, which focuses on self-inquiry and compassion for self and others. In these sessions, you’ll enjoy breathing and mindfulness exercises, physical stretching and deep relaxation.

Classes are taught with both compassion and playfulness. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

How can I join?

The sessions are taught online and are free for all TFP patients undergoing fertility treatment. Sign up by clicking the button below.

After registering, sessions can be accessed using a tablet, phone or computer. You will need internet access to join the session.

Relaxing yoga for mind, body and spirit
Every Thursday, 17:45-18:45 (UK time)

We look forward to welcoming you to our yoga session on Thursday!


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