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Sarah's Story

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Sarah came to TFP Nurture Fertility in 2019 for an IVF cycle using a sperm donor after 2 failed IUI attempts elsewhere. She came directly to us after recommendations from friends, and has never looked back.

Sarah found coming into the clinic with an open mind was important, as she discovered some of the information on the Internet regarding the IVF process about what was ahead a little nerve wracking, especially in relation to the self-injection process. “I did not think injecting myself was as bad as I had worked out up to be in my mind,” she explains. “I tried my best to be calm and positive. I know this is easier said than done but I think having a positive mental attitude helped me not to be overwhelmed by it all. Mixing the Menopur for injecting can seem like a process you will never get the hang of but after the first couple of days you become a pro at it!”

Overall, Sarah had a positive experience with us through her cycle. In her words, “When I attended the clinic for procedures the clinical staff were brilliant. They did their best to reassure and care for me… I also found that the nurses completing the scans were friendly and informative.”

Baby Aaron was born in March 2021 weighing 7lb. “Giving birth to my son was an amazing experience to realise how strong you are and what your body is capable of. When my son was handed to me, I felt an amazing rush of love that I have never experienced before. It was the best day of my life.”

Sarah continues “My life has completely changed. We have so many baby friends that I think my son is more popular than me! Aaron is the best thing to happen to me and he makes me so happy but he also keeps me on my toes. Some days are hard, and I am very tired, but when I see his little smile, even at 4am in the morning, I can't help but melt. I can't imagine my life without him.”

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Baby Aaron

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