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Emma & Chris’ Story

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"We had been trying to conceive naturally for two years before deciding to pursue fertility treatment. In my early twenties and under the care of Mr. Gangooly, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. We were therefore always aware that the chances of us conceiving naturally were reduced and that treatment of some kind might be required. After carefully researching our options, we attended an open evening at TFP Simply Fertility in November 2017 and were immediately convinced that this was the facility to help us achieve our dream of becoming a family of three.

After consultation, we decided that IVF would be the most appropriate treatment and we used Access Fertility to purchase a package that guaranteed two fresh cycles, should we require it. I underwent egg harvesting in May 2018, which eventually resulted in 7 healthy embryos. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the whole process and was desperate to give our fresh embryo the best possible chance, so me leading the healthiest lifestyle possible during this time was my paramount concern. I also had several acupuncture sessions at the clinic to gain a further sense of calm. Unfortunately, though, our fresh embryo transfer was unsuccessful. Whilst this was initially a crushing disappointment, we knew that we had the comfort and security of having 6 other frozen embryos to go again with.

At the earliest opportunity, we decided to pursue a second transfer with one of our frozen embryos. As with the fresh cycle, it was a smooth process and perhaps having the experience of a cycle already, I felt more relaxed this time around. The second transfer took place in August 2018 and seeing this on-screen in the transfer theatre is an experience I’ll never forget. The embryo embedding was perfectly clear and obvious to my eye, whilst Chris stated that the embryo resembled a shooting star as it flashed across the screen. However, I didn’t take anything for granted and it was another anxious two-week wait before taking a pregnancy test. Our joy and relief this time around was a feeling I’ll never forget and we were ecstatic that this time around the transfer was successful.

Fast forward to May 17th 2019 and Darcey Christine Connell was born, weighing 8 pounds exactly. We couldn’t have been happier until the thought of giving her a sibling led us to go ahead with another cycle with one of our remaining frozen embryos. Having no expectations and being fully aware of the highs and lows of the process, we were surprised and thrilled when the cycle was successful. On 6th June 2021, Ronnie Christopher Connell was born weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces and looking strikingly similar to his sister. We often think of them as twins born two years apart.

Now, and with two children’s names on the tree, we reflect with total awe and gratitude for the ingenuity and care offered at TFP Simply Fertility. Not so long ago being a family of four was beyond our dreams, so we will be eternally thankful for what we have now and for our experience of fertility treatment with TFP Simply Fertility."

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Success Story - TFP Simply Fertility - Emma and Chris

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