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Fertility options for single women

If you’re single and want to get pregnant but are unsure how to do this without a partner, we’re here to support you and make sure you have all the information you need before taking the next step with fertility treatment.

Fertility options for single women

Taking the first step

Perhaps you’re just starting to think about how you might go about having a baby without a partner, or maybe you’ve already made this life-changing decision. 

At TFP Fertility UK, we’ve helped thousands of single women have a baby using donor sperm, whether by intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF.  

We appreciate that your situation is different to, for example, a couple struggling to conceive, so we want to make sure we’re giving you all the answers you need. 

Feeling understood, informed, and in control will hopefully mean you get the very best from your fertility experience. 

Prefer to talk to us directly? One of our experts will talk you through the process. 

Treatment options

Fertility assessment

Our fertility assessment is a good first step to take before deciding which treatment route would be best for you.  

The package includes a series of fertility tests, such as an ultrasound scan and AMH blood test.  

You’ll then have a consultation with one of our specialists to talk you through the results and discuss next steps.  

IUI with donor sperm

IUI involves healthy, high-quality donor sperm being injected into your womb around the time you’re ovulating.  

If you have an irregular cycle, we can give you medication to ensure ovulation takes place at the right time. 

By placing the sperm directly into your womb, a higher number of healthy sperm can reach the egg, increasing the chances of your egg being fertilised. 


IUI is popular with single women because it’s more cost effective, shorter, and less invasive than full IVF treatment.  

However, IUI is less likely to be successful than IVF. 

IVF with donor sperm

This involves eggs being collected from your ovaries and fertilised by donor sperm in a lab.  

The resulting embryo is then placed back inside your womb to develop. 

Our IVF page takes you through the process in detail, and we also have an IVF for single women page for more information. 

Fertility preservation

Freezing your eggs or embryos could be a good option if you’re not quite ready to start a family yet, but you’re concerned about your future fertility.  

Egg freezing involves going through a standard IVF stimulation cycle in order to collect your eggs.  

You can either freeze your eggs at this stage or choose to go ahead and fertilise the collected eggs with donor sperm and freeze any resulting good-quality embryos. 

The advantage of this is that when you’re ready, just a frozen embryo transfer will be needed rather than a complete cycle of IVF. 


Speak to us today

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your fertility treatment options, or book an appointment at your local TFP Fertility clinic, please contact us. There’s no experience like this, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

How much does fertility treatment cost?

At TFP Fertility UK, costs vary because we carefully tailor treatment and care plans to meet your individual needs and give you the best chance of success.  

Our pricing is inclusive of all the essential elements of your treatment, there are no hidden extras.  

The only cost variables will be related to your individual treatment, such as medication you may need. 

Finding a sperm donor

The first question when you’re thinking of having a baby with a sperm donor is how to find a suitable donor.  

There are a number of sperm banks that you can access including: 

  • The European Sperm Bank (ESB) 

  • Xytex 

  • Cryos International 

We’re also currently working on bringing together our individual TFP Fertility sperm bank programmes across the UK to create the TFP Fertility UK Central Bank. 


Whatever you decide, our team will help you to find donors that fit your preferences. It’s also possible that you may want to use sperm from someone you know. We can talk you through the required steps. 


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