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IVF for single women

We’ve helped thousands of single women become pregnant and have a family through IVF and other fertility treatments.

We offer dedicated and attentive support from your first consultation and throughout your fertility journey to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

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What are my fertility treatment options as a single woman?

IVF with donor sperm

IVF for a single woman involves an egg being collected from your ovaries and fertilised by donor sperm in a lab.

The resulting embryo is then placed back inside your womb to develop.

IVF can be done using your own or donated eggs.

Our IVF treatment page takes you through the process in detail, and we also have an IVF journey guide that will help walk you through the steps involved.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm

IUI involves healthy, high-quality donor sperm being injected into your womb around the time you’re ovulating.

If you have an irregular cycle, we can give you medication to ensure ovulation takes place.

By placing the sperm directly into your womb, a higher number of healthy sperm can reach the egg, increasing the chances of your egg being fertilised.

IUI is popular with single women because it’s cheaper, shorter, and less invasive than full IVF treatment.

However, IUI is less likely to be successful than IVF.

Egg freezing

You may be considering having a baby, but you don’t feel completely ready yet.

One way you can preserve your fertility is by freezing your eggs for future use.

This involves going through a standard IVF stimulation cycle in order to collect the eggs.

We usually recommend you freeze your eggs before the age of 35 if possible.

But if you’re older than this, we can discuss whether it might still be a good option for you.

Embryo freezing

For similar reasons to egg freezing, you may choose embryo freezing to preserve your fertility for the future.

Embryo freezing and storage for a year is included as part of IVF treatment at TFP Fertility UK.

So if you have a IVF cycle with donor sperm that results in some good quality embryos, they’ll be frozen for later use.

This eliminates the need for a full IVF cycle next time, as only a frozen embryo transfer will be required.

How can I find a sperm donor?

We have a TFP donor bank that you can use if you’re set to have IVF or IUI treatment. We will work closely with you to help you find a sperm donor either from the TFP Donor Bank or from other reputable sperm banks.

Can I use sperm from someone I know?

We’ve helped many single women have a child using sperm from a known donor, typically a friend.

If you wish to have IUI or IVF using a known donor, they will need to visit one of our clinics to have their semen analysed.

If this analysis shows them to be a suitable donor, we will need to carry out several other screening blood tests before going ahead.

Your donor will also need to attend free counselling provided by TFP Fertility UK, and sign consent forms.

It’s also important to note that sperm needs to be quarantined for three months and post-donation screening carried out before it can be released for treatment.

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How much will my IVF treatment cost?

The cost of IVF at TFP Fertility UK varies because we carefully tailor treatment and care plans to meet your individual needs and give you the best chance of success.

After we’ve completed an initial consultation and fertility assessment, payable separately, you’ll be given your personal treatment plan and cost.

All the tests and treatments we think you’ll need to have the best chance of success will be included within that single price.  

The only separate cost will be for your medication, which will be based on your previous medical history and blood test results.

You’ll be able to discuss your personalised treatment plan and cost with our experts before making a decision. 

You can find a detailed price list for all treatments and procedures on each TFP Fertility clinic page for reference.

Find your nearest clinic, or use our contact form to request a confidential chat about your circumstances, whether IVF is right for you, and to take you through the costs.

How will TFP Fertility support me as a single woman?

We understand going through fertility treatment can be a big step to take on your own.

Most people find that with the support of a strong network of friends and family, they have the practical and emotional support they need. 

At TFP Fertility UK, we’re also here to help you throughout your fertility journey.

Fertility counselling is included in all our treatment plans, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, no matter how small, please get in touch.


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