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What is natural cycle IVF?

Natural cycle IVF is IVF treatment without the use of stimulation drugs. During the natural cycle IVF, only the follicles naturally formed during the menstrual cycle are used for treatment. In most cases, one follicle forms, and, therefore, one egg is used for treatment.

Who can be treated with natural cycle IVF?

Any woman who ovulates and has regular cycles between 24 and 33 days can have natural cycle IVF. This method of treatment is particularly suitable for women ages 39 and over who are known to have a low ovarian reserve. This would include women with an Antral follicle count of less than 5 or an anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) of less than 3.

Natural cycle IVF would also be suitable for women who have had a previous poor response to ovarian stimulation or those women who are unable to tolerate stimulation drugs.

How does it work?

You will need to contact TFP on day one of your period in the cycle that you would like to have treatment. We will monitor your cycle by performing bloods tests to measure your hormone levels and vaginal ultrasound scans to monitor your follicle growth.

We may recommend the use of medication to control ovulation. When a dominant follicle has formed a trans-vaginal egg collection will be performed. This procedure will be carried out under sedation and will take approximately 15 minutes. If an egg is retrieved, it will be inseminated using either standard IVF or intra cytollasmic sperm injection (ICSI), depending on the quality of the sperm. The resulting embryo(s) will be transferred back to the uterus two or three days later.

What are the advantages of natural cycle IVF?

  • No side effects from stimulation drugs

  • Reduced cost as no stimulation drugs needed

  • Reduced risk of developing OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome)

  • Reduced risk of multiple pregnancy

  • No break needed between cycles, so cycles can be performed back to back

What are the disadvantages of natural cycle IVF?

Approximately 40% of cycles do not result in the formation of an embryo, either because an egg is not retrieved or because the egg did not fertilise.

What are the success rates of natural cycle IVF?

Clinical pregnancy rates per cycle started are approximately 7% in patients with low ovarian reserve. This is the same pregnancy rate that is achieved with stimulated IVF in patients with low ovarian reserve.

What are the costs?

These are considerably reduced when compared to a full IVF cycle. You will be given a costed treatment plan following your initial consultation.


For more details, please see the price list for the clinic you attend.

What happens if my cycle is cancelled?

Should your cycle be cancelled prior to theatre you will only be liable for the monitoring costs. On the day of theatre, you will be scanned prior to the egg retrieval. If there is no follicle seen on the scan, your egg retrieval will be cancelled and a refund of £1000.00 will be paid. If there is no egg retrieved following egg collection, your cycle will count as a complete cycle and no refund will be made. If you were to withdraw from treatment, this would count as a complete cycle and no refund would be given.


Refund fees under multi-cycle natural IVF

2 cycle package:

If you fall pregnant on cycle 1: £2000.00

3 cycle package:

If you fall pregnant on cycle 1: £4200.00

If you fall pregnant on cycle 2: £2000.00

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