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EmbryoScope+ time-lapse

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What is time-lapse EmbryoScope+ monitoring?

The EmbryoScope+ is a special incubator that has a 15 built-in cameras, capable of taking pictures of your embryo several times an hour. These pictures are then combined to create a time-lapse video showing the embryo’s development right up to the blastocyst stage. These images are then analysed by our embryology team using specialised software to assess which embryos possess the highest implantation potential.

What are the advantages of culturing your embryos in the EmbryoScope+?

When embryos are developed in our laboratory in a standard culture incubator, they are typically removed from the incubator each day at fixed points, so we can assess their development. This means that we are removing the embryo from the optimal, controlled conditions of the incubator which introduces stress on the developing embryos due to small changes in the culture conditions. We may also miss important developmental events which occur outside of these observation times.

The EmbryoScope+ allows our embryology team to carry out these crucial assessments without removing any embryos from the incubator. This gives our team a highly detailed analysis of your embryos 24/7 whilst keeping them in the optimal incubator conditions, enabling us to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy. We have been using time lapse in TFP Belfast Fertility since January 2014 and have seen an uplift of 10% in clinical pregnancy rates in those patients with greater than 3 fertilised eggs who opt to use this technology compared to those using standard culture.


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