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Feb 14, 2018

Fertility Q&A – Ask the Experts!

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Thank you very much to everyone who submitted questions to our fertility Q&A! We hope you find our answers useful. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help further. All medical issues would need to be discussed at an initial consultation. To book a consultation with us, call us at 023 80706000.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two and a half years with no success. I have an underactive thyroid. Could this impact my chance to fall pregnant and if so, would IVF be a viable option?

You need to make sure the low thyroid hormone levels are returned to normal by taking thyroxine. Some underactive thyroid problems can be caused by immune problems that affect implantation and we can then treat that with fertility treatment. If you have tried for 2 years we recommend IVF and it would be worth having a chat with a fertility specialist.

What can you offer to help after a failed, zero fertilization after ICSI cycle?

Sometimes there are lifestyle factors that can affect this both with the egg and sperm.  A fertility specialist and an embryologist would need to look in detail at the cycle to see what needs changing to get fertilisation to take place.  We would also usually check the karyotype (chromosomes) of the couple to make sure this is not a problem as well.

 Can you donate eggs if you have had a hysterectomy but have both ovaries?

Yes, if you still have your ovaries it is possible to donate. For more information about donating eggs, see our egg donation page.

 I have been taking testosterone supplements for about one year now. I visited my consultant yesterday and he said that I might now be permanently infertile. I am really concerned, is there anything I can do?

It takes 70 days to make sperm and usually once stopping the testosterone supplements the sperm production will start again.  We would suggest you have a repeat sperm test in 3 months in a fertility clinic so that the sample can be centrifuged to see if the sperm are starting to appear again – it can take longer for the count to fully recover and sometimes sperm will be made again but not in the same amount as before. Take a men’s preconception supplement and eat healthily and for most men, production will start again.

 How much on average is the total cost of both a fresh and frozen cycle with all tests and drugs included?

Please note that these are our current prices and subject to change.

The initial consultation which includes a trans-vaginal scan costs £200.

A fresh IVF Cycle (excluding drugs) with us currently costs £3800. This includes: One counselling session (if required), Consenting appointment, All ultrasound scans during the treatment cycle, Egg Collection procedure and intravenous sedation administered by a Consultant during Egg Collection, Embryo monitoring with the state of the art Embryoscope, Embryo Transfer procedure, Medical and nursing care and advice before, during, and after treatment up to the pregnancy test and early pregnancy scan when treatment is successful. If the result is positive, an early Pregnancy scan. If, sadly the result is negative, a consultant follow up appointment within three months of treatment, HFEA Fee. The cost of drugs ranges, because it is dependent on the type of IVF cycle. This cost can arrange from approximately £500-£2000.

A frozen IVF cycle (excluding drugs) with us currently costs £1600. Includes: Consenting appointment, All ultrasound scans during the treatment cycle, Embryo Transfer, Medical and nursing care and advice before, during, and after treatment up to the pregnancy test. If the result is positive, an early pregnancy scan. If, sadly the result is negative, a Consultant follow up appointment within three months of treatment.

At the end of an initial consultation appointment with us, you would be given a personalised costing plan for your planned treatment.

 Why will you not transfer 2 embryos?

We, like all licensed UK fertility clinics, are governed by HFEA, who advise the following:

“If you have more than one good quality embryo available, it’s now best practice for most women to have only one embryo put back in the womb and freeze the others (called an elective single embryo transfer or eSET). This is to reduce the chance of you having a multiple birth, which can pose serious risks to the health of both mum and babies, including babies that are more likely to be premature or of low birth weight.

In some cases, a clinic may decide it’s appropriate for women to have more than one embryo put back. This is typically for older women who are less likely to be successful overall and are therefore less likely to have two embryos successfully implant in the womb.”

For more information see HFEA website.

My partner and I have been trying for 4 years, (since) May this year. Is there a way we could find out if there is a problem with one of us? I've had a baby before, he will be 10 in March, my other half doesn't have any children ... is there a way without waiting for doctors to diagnose and scans, waiting months for scans, etc.? Many thanks.

One option we offer for couples who have been trying without success is a Rapid Fertility Assessment. This is a quick two hour service that allows us to diagnose the cause of infertility in a single appointment. You and your partner would undergo a series of tests, including ultrasound, tubal patency assessment (HyCoSy) and sperm analysis. Additional tests, such as AMH, an ovarian reserve test, can be arranged at a specific time before the visit, in order to have the results available for discussion with the consultant. A Rapid Fertility Assessment can be booked by phoning 023 80706000.

How long does it take to have an appt after referral from GP?

Once we have received your referral we would get in touch with you to arrange your initial appointment. Generally, the initial appointment can take place within 2-3 weeks.

 How can you be referred for IVF?

There are two options depending on whether you are being referred for NHS funding or are funding privately.

If you are funding privately, you can self-refer, so you do not need to wait for a GP referral. You can phone the clinic on 023 80706000 and book in for an initial consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your treatment options.

In regards to NHS funding, this is something you would need to discuss with your GP. You can ask your GP for specific details regarding eligibility for NHS funding, which is based on, among other criteria; female age, BMI, smoker status and the length of time you have been trying to conceive.

The referral for treatment must come either from your NHS GP or NHS Consultant. When completing your application for funding, you, the patient, can select which of the several clinics serving the Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS area you would like to have your treatment at, of which Wessex Fertility is one of the clinics.

Should your funding be approved, your referral would then be sent directly to your clinic of choice. Should your approval come to us, we would then get in touch with you to book you in for your initial consultation. NHS and private patients both receive the same exceptional level of care.

Hi. My partner and I have had all relevant tests performed by our gp’s eg dementia test, blood tests for hormone levels at various stages, etc and a secondary infertility clinic in Winchester. This even included checking my tubes which were clear. The secondary infertility clinic discharged us in July as they could not help further and referred us to yourselves regarding IVF. I was just wondering if we would need to have all of the tests performed again or whether you could see our notes and they would be sufficient? Thank you.

The tests that we recommend within a certain time frame are the AMH test and semen analysis. In order to give you the most accurate advice, we would need these to be done within 12 months, if they are outside this we would require you to have these repeated. Test results from other clinics are acceptable, and we would recommend you obtain your notes and bring them along to your initial consultation. Our doctors will be more than happy to look at them.

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