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Where is the satellite clinic?

Our Guernsey satellite link is located at the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) Clinic.

Who can use the satellite clinic?

The satellite service is available to all patients undergoing fresh IVF, frozen embryo replacement cycles, intra-uterine insemination and donor insemination.

You will remain in Guernsey for the majority of your treatment cycle. You would then attend our clinic in Southampton for scanning and theatre appointments.

How will using the satellite affect my treatment?

The aim of the satellite service is to make the treatment more convenient for you. Appointments are conducted in line with Wessex Fertility protocols so the decisions made about your treatment, and your chances of success, are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in Guernsey or Southampton

Who will I see?

We are unable to visit Guernsey in person under the current Covid restrictions, therefore we will arrange a video link consultation for you with one of our specialist doctors.

We ask you to have an ultrasound scan carried out at Island Scanning prior to this appointment and we will have those results to discuss with you.

We work with Medical Specialist Group (MSG) Clinic who can provide prescriptions, blood tests and semen analysis for you. They can carry out ultrasound scans if you wish, please see www.msg.gg

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