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At TFP we tirelessly look for ways to improve your journey with us, and we strive for improvements to assist in our holistic approach.

TFP West London Fertility offers patients in the Heathrow area the opportunity to receive the same exceptional TFP care, closer to home. The satellite fertility clinic in London is open for any TFP patient who wishes to cut down their travel time for selected tests, procedures and scans.

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Through our satellite clinic, TFP West London Fertility, we are enabling more patients to access more treatment options, allowing for a more succinct service. It also means that many don’t need to travel as far for treatment which in turn, has a positive effect on the treatment as well as being more convenient.

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Any TFP patient that is concerned about their fertility or needs assistance with conception can use TFP West London Fertility.

You can self-refer to the clinic for treatment and your GP or consultant can also assist in this process on your behalf. Please include any previous fertility test results in your referral to us so we have a comprehensive history of any or all procedures.

TFP West London Fertility

What we offer

Whilst all the main procedures will be carried out at either TFP Thames Valley Fertility or TFP Boston Place Fertility, treatment scans and phlebotomy services can be carried out at TFP West London Fertility.

TFP West London Fertility

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Once treatments start, all appointments will be dealt with by either the TFP Thames Valley Fertility team or TFP Boston Place Fertility team. Please mention in your message if you would like to be treated at TFP West London Fertility.

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A consultation with one of our fertility specialists will be virtual via our very own consultation platform TFP Video. All blood tests and scan appointments will take place with our partners Ultrasound Direct in their Heathrow Scan Centre.

Having this flexibility means you don’t have to come to one of our main clinics for all your appointments. You will need to come to either TFP Thames Valley Fertility or TFP Boston Place Fertility for the main egg collection and embryo transfer appointments.

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