Patient feedback

We regularly assess how we are doing by asking our patients to fill a questionnaire regarding their experience.

We recognise that not everyone is always content with their treatment and we take these comments seriously. Each one is reviewed to see how we can improve our service.

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Patient questionnaire

To all the doctors, nurses and embryologists who looked after us, again that little phrase, thank you – so, so much. What you all do is a scientific miracle and we will never stop feeling thankful. Although the journey we went on was tough, in a way I feel so privileged to have been able to see her on transfer day as a tiny embryo and amazed to now be able to sit in my living room writing this with her gently snoring in my arms!

The online booking process was simple and easy, the arrival of both kits very fast and efficient. The instructions were very clear and my partner could easily post her kit for her AMH.

The entire team was approachable and updated us on the progress regularly.

Everyone made us feel welcome and more than just patients, everyone has been helpful, courteous, joyful and always smiling and empathetic. Felt completely at ease the entire process and nothing is too much trouble and I instantly felt I built a rapport with everyone here – a family atmosphere all working towards achieving the same goal.

We’re loving the online portal it is so much easier. The nurse told us that when you get your meds and dosage it puts all that on there too. Its so handy!

Staff were very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful which made the experience pleasant. The environment was very pleasant. I was always treated with compassion and dignity. I had confidence in the staff and felt safe.

All of them were amazing! Drs Fatima Hussain & George, nurses Nicky 1, 2 & Stacey and Anaesthetist

Everyone has been very professional and kind. We have had an excellent experience so far. The Centre is also immaculately clean and new.


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